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These Are The 36 Countries In Asia With The Highest English Proficiency

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Singaporeans have been ranked Asia’s best non-native speakers of English in a yearly international ranking. The report “The World’s Best Non-Native English Speaking Countries, 2019,” analyzed the English skills of non-native English speaking countries and regions globally.

Singapore also ranked 5th among non-native English speaking countries globally – behind Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. The island nation was also the only nation in Asia deemed to have very high proficiency in English. Coming in second in Asia is the Philippines, with an EPI of 60.14 (high proficiency).

Among the 36 Asian nations, the TOP 5 countries with the highest English proficiency were Singapore (No. 6), Philippines (No. 20), Malaysia (No. 26), Hong Kong (No. 32), and India (No. 33).

Rounding up the top 10 were: South Korea (No. 37), Taiwan (No. 38), China (No. 40), Macau (No. 41), and Vietnam (No. 52) In other parts of Asia, the United Arab Emirates came in 17th in Asia and 70th globally. Kyrgyzstan came in 36th in Asia and 99th globally, with an EPI score of 41.51 (low proficiency).

  1. Singapore 5
  2. Philippines 20
  3. Malaysia 26
  4. Hong Kong 32
  5. India 33
  6. South Korea 37
  7. Taiwan 38
  8. China 40
  9. Macau 41
  10. Vietnam
  11. Japan
  12. Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  13. Bahrain
  14. Indonesia
  15. Nepal
  16. Iran
  17. United Arab Emirates
  18. Bangladesh
  19. Maldives
  20. Thailand
  21. Jordan
  22. Sri Lanka
  23. Qatar
  24. Syria
  25. Kuwait
  26. Azerbaijan
  27. Myanmar
  28. Mongolia
  29. Afghanistan
  30. Oman
  31. Kazakhstan
  32. Cambodia
  33. Uzbekistan
  34. Iraq
  35. Saudi Arabia
  36. Kyrgyzstan

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