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Best Private Jets For CEOs And Business Leaders, 2019

If you are a businessman, then every second count. Business meetings take you to New York today and London tomorrow; time is money and money is everything in business. In such a case, it’s better to own a private jet (business jet or bizjet). Private jets are faster to handle and have easy access to various airports. If you are already planning to buy them, perhaps you have bumped across the right space. We present our annual list of the very best business jets available in the world of private aviation.

What are the best business jets for CEOs and business leaders?

  1. Airbus ACJ350 XWB.
    Price: $317 million
    Passengers: 25
    Range: 12,500 nm
    Max speed: 525 mph
    Landing distance: 6,500 ft

  2. Boeing Business Jet Max 7.
    Price: $88.7 million
    Passengers: 200
    Range: 7,000 nm
    Max speed: 527 mph
    Landing distance: 2,931 ft
    Cabin length: 85.8 ft
    Operating cost: $3,070 per hour

  3. Gulfstream G650ER.
    Price: $71.5 million
    Passengers: up to 19
    Range: 7,500 Nautical Mile / 13,890 km
    Max speed: 710 mph
    Landing distance: 3,000 ft
    Operating cost: $4,848 per hour

  4. Dassault Falcon 8X.
    Price: $59.3 million
    Passengers: 8
    Range: 6,450 nm
    Max speed: 425 mph
    Landing distance: 2,240 ft
    Operating cost: $3,693 per hour

  5. Bombardier Challenger 650.
    Price: $32.7m
    Passengers: 12
    Range: 4,000 nm
    Max speed: 541 mph
    Landing distance: 2,775 ft
    Operating cost: $3,384 per hour

  6. Cessna Citation Longitude.
    Price: $26.9 million
    Passengers: 9
    Range: 3,500 nm
    Max speed: 548 mph
    Landing distance: 3,400 ft
    Operating cost: $3,425 per hour

  7. Embraer Phenom 300E.
    Cost: $9.45 million
    Passengers: 6-10
    Range: 1,971 nm
    Max speed: 521 mph
    Landing distance: 2,220 ft
    Operating cost: $1,421 per hour

  8. Pilatus PC-24.
    Price: $8.9 million
    Passengers: 11
    Range: 2,000 nm
    Max speed: 506 mph
    Landing distance: 2,375
    Rate of climb: 4,070 ft/min
    Operating cost: $2,755 per hour

  9. HondaJet.
    Price: $4.5 million
    Passengers: 5-6
    Range: 1,223 nm
    Max speed: 485 mph
    Landing distance: 3,050 ft
    Operating cost: $1,135 per hour

  10. Cirrus SF50 (Vision Jet).
    Price: $1.96 million
    Passengers: 5
    Range: 1,200 nm
    Max speed: 345 mph
    Landing distance: 1,628 ft
    Safety Parachute system
    Operating cost: $661 per hour

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