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Top Universities With Strongest Alumni Networks In The World

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Along with standard coursework and excellent campus facilities, a university is also assessed by the strength of its alumni networks. It makes the campus worth studying and also brings a sense of brotherhood to the students.

A good alumni network brings a lot of new business ideas from each student and understands their transformation in thinking and innovation. Perhaps this is the reason why universities emphasize of alumni networks and also keeping in touch after the study tenure. We bring you the list of topbest universities with strongest alumni networks in the world:

  1. Harvard University: The prestigious university when it comes to management, Harvard has a long history of successful alumni who graduated and did their masters in the field. Some of the noted alumni from Harvard include Mark Zuckerberg, John.F Kennedy, Kamala Harris, and Matt Damon. The Harvard University Alumni Association also hosts annual events around the world and some interesting sporting activities to keep the bond stronger.
  2. Stanford University: The alumni membership number for Stanford exceeds to more than 95,000 and offers the best alumni benefits one can think of. One such excellent benefit is the career services division, which opens employment options from alum to alum. The Alumni center of Stanford is a great place to enjoy some fresh air and meet interesting management leaders who graduated from the campus. It is also the home for award-winning Stanford Magazine featuring the connections of alumni relating to the university.
  3. Princeton University: Having a long history of producing successful business leaders across the globe for 273 years, Princeton boasts of the high-powered alumni network. The alumni network here has crossed 93,000 students hailing from 155 nationalities. Princeton also features yearly reunions and networking events, as well.
  4. Dartmouth College: Established way back in 1749, Dartmouth is the oldest school around and a member of original colonial colleges which were established before the revolution. Dartmouth’s alumni association has a lot of interesting activities in travel, sports, and career development, making it one of the strongest alumni networks in the world.
  5. Duke University: Duke’s Karsh Alumni Center has an office building, meeting facility, and pavilion to exclusively manage alumni events for the students. The Duke Alumni Association (DAA) is on a mission to retain Duke’s tradition to follow the graduates wherever they go. Established way back in 1838, the campus is home for nearly 16,000 students.
  6. Columbia University- New York: The alumni membership comprises here of 35,000 students and has the facilities of lodging, insurance, and credit card discounts as well. The virtual wine cellar, lifelong learning projects, travel study programs are the highlights here. Being the prestigious Ivy League university and the oldest school in Empire State, Columbia University is a great place for strong alumnus bonding.
  7. University of Chicago: The online benefits for the student’s alumni here is found in AlumniU, which includes an alumni directory, events, attractive discounts for Graham School Courses, and Monthly Webinars on Career Guidance and campus privileges. The global phenomenon of the University of Chicago deserves a special mention.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Top Universities With Strongest Alumni Networks In The World
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