Friday, July 3, 2020

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Excellent Watch Brands from Switzerland for the Global CEO

When one thinks of quality watches, one thinks of Switzerland but no other place. This breathtakingly beautiful country is known for making some of the greatest wristwatches in the world. Along with a sleek look and elegance, Swiss watches are an essential utility statement for a leadership person like a global CEO. Their unique technology in bringing out accuracy in time is a great feature for sure. Moreover, a CEO needs a well-functioning watch to keep things in precision and make the right decisions at the right time. We bring you the list of excellent watch brands from Switzerland that caters to the needs of a global CEO:

  1. Patek Philippe- Geneva: This brand has the privilege of taking part in the largest auction houses for their trademark watch pieces. The watches made by Patek Philippe are with the highest quality standards, which are well-functional and amazing to look at. They also have this unique feature of making exclusive time-pieces for each customer.
  2. Rolex- Geneva: The biggest feature of Rolex is its recognition value and its sublime brand history. Their focus is to produce well-functioning watches without many complex designs. Rolex is all about being robust, precise and maintenance friendliness when it comes to watchmaking. A lot of watches made by Rolex made to the prestigious Watch Hall of Fame in the global arena.
  3. Breguet: Named after the legendary watchmaker Abraham Louis Breguet, this brand has a long history of making successful time-pieces. It has been regarded as a prestigious brand from the second half of 18th century despite tough competition from its contenders. Breguet has created the oldest Swiss wristwatch in the world for Sister Napoleon: Caroline Murat, Reine de Naples. The technical names such as Breguet hand and Breguet dial have become commonplace in watchmaking jargon- that itself shows the tremendous influence of the brand in the history of watchmaking.
  4. Blancpain: This brand’s commitment to making mechanical timepieces was born out of a passion to create signature luxury watches. The biggest feature of Blancpain is to confine to mechanical watches while everyone else moved on to quartz. Their model classics include Fifty Fathoms and Villeret. Located at the laidback village of La Brassus, Blancpain has 300 years of history in making successful and stylish watches.
  5. Zenith: Not too far from the Swiss-French border in the middle of Jura mountain plateau, this factory has consistently produced watches since 1865. Founded originally by the young entrepreneur George- Favre- Jacot, the brand is most famous for the introduction of El Primero, the world’s first automatic chronograph. With a high frequency of 36,000 oscillations per minute and supreme accuracy, the reference is used by many other brands as well.
  6. Omega: Omega is the official brand partner of NASA, the pioneer in space research in the world. It is also the preferred choice for both James Bond and George Clooney who are top-celebrity figures. Omega is adored for bringing a scientific approach to wristwatches and the specs can be broken down to metric data as well.

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