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Top MBA Colleges In Europe For International Business, 2019

With globalization becoming the root of many successful businesses and an important way of the world, many businesses are aiming to take their products to a global arena instead of becoming limited and indigenous. Because of communication being so rapid and effective these days, the international business also enables employees working from different locations for a single project. Dealing with international business demands the CEO to get a swift understanding of chiseled skills that are required to make it successful. Fortunately, many MBA colleges in Europe understand the importance of international business degree that equips the students with the necessary skills to be global leaders. We bring you the list of top MBA colleges in Europe for International Business:

  1. ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain: A brilliant Business institution which emphasizes on cultural development, ESADE’s coursework on international business is quite contemporary and state of the art. With a strong emphasis on international student intake and gender equality in admissions, ESADE is a brilliant place to interact with students from different nationalities and gain practical knowledge in understanding the cultural backgrounds of various countries. This knowledge surely comes in handy for the student after completing the coursework when they become a leader for global business projects. Out of 125 best business schools in the world for 2019, ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain ranked No. 9th.

  2. HEC Paris, France: Located in the global fashion and art capital of the world, HEC gives an extra advantage of understanding arts along with understanding international business.  Anything learned with an edge of creativity always goes a long way and HEC firmly believes in that. Also, enjoy the mesmerizing lifestyle of Paris during the studies here which is also home for many emerging startups. Out of 125 best business schools in the world for 2019, HEC Paris ranked No. 15th.

  3. IMD business school (International Institute for Management Development, Lausanne, Switzerland):  Formed in January 1990, IMD provides executive education led by multidisciplinary faculty. Focuses on training and developing general management and leadership skills. The average age for full-time MBA here is 31 and working professionals can opt for executive MBA where the average age for admission is 40. Students representing from 98 nationalities pursue their degree here giving a fantastic multitude in terms of cultural backgrounds. Out of 125 best business schools in the world for 2019, IMD business school ranked No. 14th.

  4. SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan, Italy:  Regarded as the most prestigious business schools in Europe, SDA offers great focus on attaining an international business degree. The institute offers executive, custom MBA programs along with specialized masters. Having triple-accreditation from AACSB,  EQUIS and AMBA, SDA is a fantastic place to get a classy degree in international business.  The school is ranked 34th globally for business and management studies by CEOWorld Business Schools Rankings.

  5. Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (or RSM), the Netherlands:  According to CEOWORLD magazine ranking, Rotterdam School of Management is ranked top 50 in the list of best business schools. The business school has a long history with the Dutch School of Higher Commercial Education back in 1913. Rotterdam School of Management first opened in the year 1970 with two-year management degree program initially. But now, the institution is regarded as the greatest leader in delivering international business degree to the modern-age students. Out of 125 best business schools in the world for 2019, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (or RSM) ranked No. 42nd.

    Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Netherlands

  6. IESE Business School, Barcelona, Spain: Founded in the year 1958 in the artistic city Barcelona, IESE also collaborated with Harvard Business School for a two-year MBA course. IESE is regarded as a gifted institution which inculcates practical learning for international business. Out of 125 best business schools in the world for 2019, IESE Business School ranked No. 4th.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Top MBA Colleges In Europe For International Business, 2019
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