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Most Beautiful Lakes To Visit Around California

With sun-baked deserts and snowy mountain cliffs dotting the landscape of this city, it is no wonder why California is considered to be a land of distinct and marvelous views. Another scenic feature to make this city an absolute delight is its lakes. Want to know which of these you should head out to visit? Keep reading below.

  1. Shasta lake
    One of the most attractive and beautiful lakes in California, the stark feature around this lake are the mountains which make the most drastic silhouette and are known to remain barren for the significant part of the year. Some of the activities in which you can indulge here are fishing, boating, camping, skiing and more.

  2. Whiskeytown lake
    Although this lake isn’t as popular with visitors as the Shasta lake, it resides at a far more convenient location and exhibits a beautiful natural beauty that makes it a surreal sight to look at. The lake is among one of the quietest spots around the city and features four different waterfalls and a mining site. You will find it immensely satisfying to try your photography skills here since the steep mountains descending on to the lake make a picturesque sight.

  3. Donner lake
    The lake grabs its name from a group of travelers who got trapped in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The calm summer weather attracts crowds in large numbers who seek a respite from the heat of the lowlands. Although this lake isn’t vast, the splendid scenery around the lake grabs eyeballs like a magnet. It is possible that standing here, and you might get some feeling of being in Alaska.
  4. Big bear lake
    This is a manmade reservoir that has become a popular attraction for city dwellers. Since the location is elevated, the cool and pleasant climate attracts visitors all around the year. The Boulder Bay park is among the first few attractions here that you will get to see. It doesn’t matter’ which part of the lake you get to explore, we are sure that you will be captivated by the charm of all of it.
  5. Lake Sonoma
    This lake lies closest to the Pacific Coast, which is why this is one of the best options of lakes to visit if you are short on time. Some of the activities which are hosted here include camping, boating, fishing and more. During the summer months, the surrounding mountains turn green with vegetation, which gives you an excellent shot at pictures.

  6. Lake Oroville
    This man-made reservoir was formed during a dam construction project. The mountain slopes slide gently and offer a limitless view of the shores of the lake. It is notable to view the dam and the Bidwell Bar Suspension Bridge.
  7. Lake June
    This lake is popular among trout fishermen of the area and travelers, in search of quaint landscapes. The altitude of the place is high, and the weather is usually mild during the summers. You will be surprised to see the captivating view of the trees around this place.
  8. Mammoth lake
    This lake is among the few which stands out for its unique location. From mixed mountains to pine trees and crystal clear waters, the landscape is composed of some of the most serene attributes that can be imagined. Visitors come here with ample time in hand since this lake is so alluring that you will find it hard to leave in a jiffy.
    These are among the few notable lakes around California, which are perfect for a visit if you have a thing for natural beauty.

Have a happy lake-day-out..!

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