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6 Easy Tips For Tomboy-Inspired Fashion

In the early 2000s, tomboy fashion started picking up pace, and today it is a very common fashion trend. Tomboy fashion contrasts the fancy and made-up fashion trends and provides a simpler appearance to girls. Of course, the said fashion is much inspired by young men’s fashion, but now it has its own place in the world.

While it is pretty easy to spot tomboy fashion, it is difficult to carry one. There are many considerations to be taken into account to ensure that your tomboyish appearance fits well. Well, I have a few tips which can help you enhance your tomboyish fashion.

Read along and you will come across 6 very easy-to-implement tips for rocking that tomboyish look. So, let us find out what they are.

  1. The Boys Section
    Not that you cannot find clothes in the girl’s section for your look, but in the boy’s section, the options are wider and better.
    The first thing you need to do while on the move to hunt best tomboy looks is to head to the boys/men section. Look for shirts and T-shirts and only choose those which are one-size bigger than yours. A primary giveaway of the tomboy look is bagginess in the outfit. Today, however, you can very easily see women with S size wearing L size in men and still rocking the look.
  2. A Hoodie Goes A Long Way
    One of my personal favorites is a hoodie. There is nothing easier than wearing a hoodie over a pair of slightly loose pants or jeans. You can go for either zip-up hoodies or simple sweatshirts—whatever you choose will give you the right look.
    Just in case you want to wear your hoodie somehow but the climate isn’t very supportive, then you can tie it around your waist. The look is boyish, casual and carefree, the elements indispensable to the tomboy culture.
  3. Shoes Over Heels
    You cannot sport a perfect tomboy look without a pair of perfect shoes. One of the important features of the tomboyish fashion is that it enables mobility. Shoes are responsible for such mobility.
    Hit the stores and get some good quality sports shoes or sneakers. You can sport them with any tomboyish outfit. In fact, if you have a plain and/or denim dress, then you can wear sneakers along and nobody would call the pairing unusual!
  4. You May Want To Accessorize A Little Bit
    The tomboyish look is not about make-up, but this does not mean that there are no touch-ups to be applied. Accessories will come in handy in this case.
    While you have everything in order, you should not mind pairing your outfit with a classy baseball cap, a wrist band, studs, or simple jewelry. Make sure you do not overdo it because tomboyish look becomes less and less appealing with excessive accessorizing.
  5. Hairdo
    Of course, we cannot leave behind hairstyling. While it is not difficult to guess what kind of hairstyle goes with a tomboyish look, I will tell you anyway.
    The perfect tomboy hairstyles are ponytails and short hair. You can prefer to collect your hair into a high ponytail which gives a very powerful yet boyish look. On the other hand, short hair, preferably above shoulders, give a sporty and casual look, which goes very well with the requisites of the tomboyish fashion.
    It is suggested that you do not wear your hair loose when carrying a tomboyish look. However, this is not an absolute rule. For example, you can wear a baseball cap without having to tie your hair. The look is pretty cool, actually!
    One more thing: do not accessorize your hair with hairpins or flowery headbands. They will only ruin your otherwise awesome look!
  6. Be Confident
    Tomboy fashion seems very simple to carry, but it is actually not. Yes, the objective of the look is to give comfort to the wearer, but if the wearer is unable to boast confidence, then all goes wrong.
    You may have the perfect tomboy look, but if you feel awkward or under-confident, then you would not do justice. Let go of your inhibitions, wear your outfit and show the world how cool you can be! Then, everything will be just fine!

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - 6 Easy Tips For Tomboy-Inspired Fashion

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