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Marketing to Millennials : What Jewelers Must Know About This Young Generation


As shoppers, millennials have a high amount of buying power and market influence. If you aren’t already tapping into this demographic, you are missing out on a major group of consumers.

To take advantage of this growing and multifaceted audience, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Why are Millennials Important as Consumers?

The millennial age group was initially seen as a niche audience. Brands could use this demographic as a “secret weapon” for marketing campaigns and product testing. Now, they’re an impenetrable facet in the foundation of global commerce.

Millennials are cautious, technologically savvy, and largely into experiences rather than just material things. While this might sound counterintuitive for many commercial sellers, millennial engagement is a gold mine.

Since they are so connected, millennials can double as customers and ad hoc advertisers. They’re more likely to share about their purchases and shopping experiences on social media, and they’re a big fan of hashtags.

Gaining a favorable response from shoppers in this age group has the potential to skyrocket the success of your brand.

Not only are millennials influential, but they are loyal. They value authenticity and transparency, and are more likely to stick to brands that align with their specific preferences and values.

Online Shopping

How do they Shop?

Millennials love their smartphones, and most are connected to the internet 24/7. Their interest in social media and online dependence translates directly to the way they shop.

While millennials do love making purchases online, they also enjoy a great brick-and-mortar shopping trip. But, they want to be able to mix elements of both worlds.

They aren’t spontaneous shoppers, and tend to research potential purchases more than other generations. When it comes to valuable products such as fine jewelry, they’ll want to know as much as they can about what they’re buying.

Pique their interest by offering a shopping app that includes up-to-date product information, as well as interactive elements such as high-quality videos and a section for customer reviews.

Millennials have grown up with the internet. They have become accustomed to having an endless supply of information at their fingertips. As a result, they expect to receive a smooth and seamless retail experience regardless of how they’re shopping.

Understand their Taste and Preferences

As a whole, millennials tend to be conscious consumers who place a high value on the quality and integrity of their purchases. When it comes to diamonds, this is even more important to consider.

Millennials prefer to buy jewelry products that come with definitive information, and they’re emotionally invested in the ethics regarding what they buy. This is imperative for diamond sourcing and distribution.

Providing detailed information about the quality and origin will help your jewelry brand stand out to millennial consumers.

Additionally, they don’t have a one-size-fits-all aesthetic. Vintage designs can be just as popular as modern, contemporary options. Variety is important, and millennials are also drawn to customizable options. If there’s a way to add an individualized touch, they’re more likely to go in that direction.

Focus on the Entire Experience

When it comes to shopping, millennials aren’t solely concerned with the product they’re buying. They look for retailers that offer a full and comprehensive shopping experience.

To go along with this, make sure to provide engaging and detailed product descriptions for all of your items. Give specific details and interesting background information for each and every piece.

You can also include a customer service prompt or automated messaging feature to give customers a simple way to ask questions or resolve concerns. The key is to make the experience as easy and intuitive as possible.

Millennial consumers are highly visual, so videos and high-quality, authentic images go a long way. Ensure that your website and marketing materials are eye-catching and cohesive.

This also helps to establish brand visibility, which can be beneficial for catalyzing consumer loyalty.

Millennials are so much more than just a buzzword. Connecting with this dynamic and unique generation could completely change the direction of your jewelry brand.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Agenda - Marketing to Millennials : What Jewelers Must Know About This Young Generation
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