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The Fundamental Pillars to Achieving a Strong Work-Life Balance

Work can be very demanding at the best of times, but even if you’ve just come booming out of one of the best universities in the world and into your dream job, it’s important that you strike a strong work-life balance, lest you wish to live a mostly unhappy and unfulfilling life. Of course, there are times when your work must take precedence over your life, but those times should be fairly fleeting or at least not caused by your own hand.

While you may enjoy work, you need to have other enriching activities to enjoy life and be happy. You have to work to live, but you shouldn’t live to work as it results in stress, unhappiness, and a feeling of being unfulfilled. So, you need to strike a healthy balance across all facets of your life, but to get started, you’ll want to find some footing in three areas: diet, stress management, and relationships.

Your diet has a surprising impact on your life

The food that you eat is your fuel: if you eat bad food, your body won’t be fuelled very well to complete the activities that your day has in store for you. One of the toughest times of the day for those trying to get healthy at work is lunchtime. Sometimes you don’t have the time to venture down to a healthy food store to pick up your lunch, and other times you think a healthy lunch would cost too much.

The best way to solve this is to get used to preparing a healthy lunch for yourself at home to bring into work. Lunches like pasta salads, rice salads, fruit salads, and meat wraps are all quick and easy to prepare at home, keep in the fridge well overnight and through to lunch the next day and can help you achieve a healthy diet.

Embracing stress in the right way

Stress gets a lot of bad press due to the turn of phrase ‘feeling stressed,’ but a lot of the time, stress can propel you to work well and can even be embraced as a way of achieving greater emotional wellbeing. It all comes down to your own personal view of stress.

If you embrace stress as a helpful way of getting work done, you will become more productive and happier for it, but if you do what many people do and allow stress to let you think of worst-case scenarios or procrastinate, it will lead to bad side effects. The truth is that you can cope with and thrive in stressful situations if you have a positive mindset when a situation presents itself.

Making time for relationships

In the end, you won’t look back fondly on your work ethic or the majority of your completed jobs; you’ll treasure the relationships that you forge and the stories that come from meeting people. You need to commit to your work, but it can’t get in the way of you finding happiness in your life.

Meeting people who you want o spend time with can be tough if you have a particularly hectic job, but the modern way of finding people online allows you to find people who you want to meet, and arrange meet-ups on your own terms. It takes the stress and surprises out of dating, making it very easy to enjoy your life outside of work. If you click with someone, you will also find that you’re happier throughout the day and they’ll give you a reason to force yourself to strike a healthy work-life balance.

Achieving a strong work-life balance is crucial for everyone: to get started, try to get a good footing with a healthy diet, finding ways to manage and embrace stress in a healthy way, and open yourself up to starting a relationship.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Advisory - The Fundamental Pillars to Achieving a Strong Work-Life Balance
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