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These Are The Top 6 Forests In The World To Visit

A sabbatical in the lap of nature is just what seems to be necessary in this dog-eat-dog world, where sometimes even your friends emerge to be the ones with layered masks on their faces. Therefore, an ethereal getaway with your companion is imperative because only nature will accept you in the purest self and will purge you from all your sins and malice. A virtual tour of all the spectacular forests in the world is just what you need to get the required motivation because your spirit animal of the sloth won’t let you leave the most comfortable side of your bed. The following are the top 6 forests in the world to visit.

  1. Crooked Forest, Poland
    This forest, on the outskirts of Nowe Czarnowo, West Pomerania, completely justifies the name it has been designated. Different theories are associated with the forests’ emergence, some of which include that the saplings might have been crushed by the tanks in World War II which resulted in their crooked growth. Others say that the farmers deliberately twisted the shoots to make their trunks later, suitable for ship building. Nevertheless, the forest is worth a visit for a crazy yet serene experience.

  2. Sagano Bamboo Forest, Japan
    Submerge into the sanctimonious music, nature has to offer in this visually stunning forest which is hardly an hour’s ride away from Kyoto. Wander into the forest’s long bamboo shoots, beating the high and mighty skyscrapers around the world and be the wanderlust your Instagram’s username claims you to be. Stop for a while and listen to the rustling sounds flowing through the cracks of bamboo and help your soul escape from the bustling city noises.

  3. Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia, Canada
    Sanctum to the ‘Spirit Bears’, an endemic, endangered species looked upon as a holy emblem by the Tsimshian tribe, Great Bear Rainforest is a coastal temperate haven for wildlife in the truest essence. The rainforest throbs with magical waterfalls, authentic cedars and clear streams which are breathtaking, as soon as you set your eyes upon. Having camped in this forest and experienced a life of simplicity, you may find cities a little disturbing after this magnificent escapade.

  4. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Costa Rica
    One of the most beautiful forests around the world, Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is sure to sweep the ground off your feet with its splendid waterfalls and teeming wildlife. This reserve preserves the most endangered species and is an abode for a variety of endemic flora. It is also a Tropical Science Center, propagating sustainable co-habitation of humanity and wildlife and promoting eco-tourism. Be a part of their e-revolution and catch sight of San Luis, Kelady or Los Cusingos, some of the rare breeds found in this reserve.

  5. Amazon Forest, South America
    The largest rainforest in the world is naturally fertilized from dust which is flown from Africa’s Sahara Desert, and thus, thrives with plant species unmatched. The rainforest spans over 8 countries and is celebrated for the variety of flora and fauna that proliferates. Spending a week camping in the woods of its dense foliage, you are sure to encounter the majestic nature and its strength.

  6. Black Forest, Germany
    The grandeur of the mountains that surround this striking forest provides its hikers with some of the most stellar views. You can also visit the Hohenbaden Castle ruins which involves an hour long hike, giving you the opportunity to wander into the woods.

Aforementioned are the most ravishing bounties of nature and all you need to do is throw your phones away and get away from the toxicity of the city life. Undertake an isolated trip and cleanse your inner self with the cleanest of air and the peace which has vanished from the eyes of the city dreamers. Get inspired from the lives of the tribal people and live a life free from the shackles of the cities, a life with absolute simplicity. Pick any of the aforementioned top 6 forests in the world, get your tickets done, and set off for an adventure of a lifetime!

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - These Are The Top 6 Forests In The World To Visit
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