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What Makes Ralph Lauren Who He Is? 6 facts to know about him

Ralph Lauren is one of the biggest names in the global fashion industry. He is known for creating a distinct fashion style recognized by his name. His contribution to global fashion is overwhelming, and you would know that once you research a bit on him.

A man of that stature needs no introduction. However, there are quite a handful of things you should know about him. We all know who he is; let us find out more on what makes him who he is.

Below you will find a list of 6 interesting facts about Ralph Lauren you might not know. So, let us take a dive into the world of one of the greatest fashion designers alive.

  1. “Lauren” came later
    If you thought Lauren is the original surname of Ralph, then it is time I burst a bubble. Ralph Lauren was born with a different last name. He was born in a family of immigrants from Belarus who were incidentally Ashkenazi Jews. His last name was from among the ones prevalent in the community, Lifshitz.
    Back in school, Ralph was teased for his last name as a consequence of which he, along with his brother, changed it to Lauren when he was 16 years old.
  2. More than 450 global stores
    Ralph Lauren and his namesake corporation are said to be a powerful combination in the fashion industry. His corporation has a nearly global presence, with 450 stores spread all over the world. His brands include Chaps and Club Monaco, Ralph Lauren Purple, Lauren Home, and Polo Ralph Lauren.
    His corporation has made enormous profits from these brands, presently valued in billions.
  3. His Family Takes Business Seriously
    Ralph Lauren is not the only person in his family who has been doing all the business. His children have developed businesses of their own and are doing amazingly in their respective areas.
    He has two sons and a daughter involved in three distinct industries: His daughter Dylan Lauren owns a popular candy store in New York called Dylan’s Candy Bar; Andrew Lauren works as a well-established film producer; David Lauren is involved in Ralph’s fashion business.
    Well, what a successful family!
  4. Achievements To Envy
    Ralph Lauren made ties out of rags and never really aspired to become the greatest of all. However, he became one of the greatest fashion designers in the world—and his achievements show that he deserves all the fame he gets.
    Ralph is the only fashion designer to have won four awards at the Council of Fashion Designers of America. These awards are the ‘Womenswear Designer of the Year Award”, the “Lifetime Achievement Award”, the Menswear Designer of the Year”, and the “Retailer of the Year” award. Aside from these, the Pratt Institute honored him with an honorary doctorate for his contribution to Fine Arts. He was bestowed with the Chevalier de la Legion d’honneur, which is the highest honor given in France.
  5. Lots of Money
    It is obvious that all this success must have brought him money, and believe me, his worth runs in billions. He has been named among top 200 richest persons on this planet. He owns lucrative assets including vintage automobiles and a superb house in Ridgway, Colorado. His estimated worth is $ 7.1 billion as per the 2018 Forbes’ List of the 400 Richest Americans, and he stands on number 71 in the list.
    But, don’t let yourself to believe that he does not contribute to society. Aside from his high-end fashion (which is a contribution to society in one way or another), he donates a lot of money to cancer research initiatives. In 1989, he co-founded the Nina Hyde Centre for Breast Cancer Research at Georgetown University.
    He has also founded the Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation which is aimed at supporting charitable causes particularly education and cancer care and prevention.
  6. Not Just fashion
    If you thought that Ralph Lauren was all about fashion, then you are wrong. Ralph runs four restaurants, namely RL Restaurant in Chicago, the Polo Bar in New York, Ralph’s in Paris, and Ralph’s Coffee & Bar in London.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Lifestyle - What Makes Ralph Lauren Who He Is? 6 facts to know about him
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