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5 Careers That Are Perfect For Those With a Geography Degree

We have all studied geography back in school, but only a few took it up as a subject for higher education. Some ignorant people would call such a decision poorly-made, but they are the ones who do not understand that there is meaning to every area of study—it is a matter of how much you are ready to put in to get done with it.

Geography is as important as any other subject. Of course, we do not talk about it as much as law or science, but you have no idea how many things around you are done or are working because of those who have studied geography in higher education. In this article, I will guide you about what such people are.

The purpose of this article is to assist people who have a geography degree as well as those who do not to get a better view of what can be done with that degree. I have listed 5 career options which get open once you successfully complete your degree course. So, without further ado, let us take a look at what those are.

  1. Town Planner
    The very sound of town planning sounds good, no? Geography degree holders are taught to study and analyze geographical elements around (I know, very obvious!), and such analyses are important in planning infrastructural projects such as town planning.
    Administrations across the world hire the services of people who can study the landscape, climatic conditions and other necessary things which determine healthy development of the town. Today, town planners having expertise in the development of eco-friendly projects are becoming increasingly popular.
  2. Cartographer
    The science of making maps is called cartography, and those who are involved in it are called cartographers. But, the job of a cartographer is not as simple and straightforward as it sounds. In fact, it requires immense knowledge in the field of geography among many other things.
    A cartographer makes maps, but he does more than that: he makes or assists in the making of charts, spreadsheets, diagrams, and guides. You may be involved in drawing up maps for ancient sites and/or deciphering maps from older times.
    In addition to traditional cartography, you are expected to have knowledge in advanced technologies such as digital mapping techniques. Today, we have systems such as GPS and digital mapping which have taken center stage in today’s fast-paced, digitally reliant lifestyle. Hence, the role of cartographers has only amplified.
  3. Teacher
    You have gained so much knowledge in so many years and you may want to give it back to the coming generation. If you have such an approach, then you should consider teaching.
    There has been an increase in the demand for highly qualified and experienced teachers who can offer resourceful lectures and guidance to those enrolled in geography courses. The remuneration has improved considerably, and any person involved in higher education as a teacher can expect to get good returns provided he works hard and does not take his job lightly.
    One thing you should note is that teaching might require from you the completion of a Master’s program or doctoral studies. So, it is advised that you check the requirements mandated in your country before you decide anything.
  4. Environmental Consultant
    Global warming is not fiction. It is happening for real, and there are so many things which we, humans, must be doing right now. One such thing is enforcing environmental regulations strictly and ensuring the redressal of environmental problems. Because of such urgency, there has been an increased reliance on environmental consultants.
    The role of an environmental consultant is to ensure that entities they are working with are observing and conducting their activities in accordance with environmental regulations. Their responsibilities are manifold such as assessment of the polluted area and ascertainment of the impact.
    Considering the nature of the job, prior experience is useful. So, it is suggested that you engage in good training programs for gathering enough experience to handle work like these.
  5. Landscape Architect
    As I noted earlier, it has become urgent to prevent further exploitation of the environment. Poor infrastructure has caused great harm to the constitution of nature as a result of which conservationists call for the development of sustainable infrastructure—that is where landscape architects come.
    Landscape Architects are involved in the creation and management of open spaces around us. These open spaces are designed with the aim of providing a level of eco-friendliness of infrastructural development around. They are quite in demand lately and can get you good returns if you do the job right!

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - 5 Careers That Are Perfect For Those With a Geography Degree
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