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Top 5 Apps To Have In Your Phone As A University Student

As a university student, most of our time is spent on our devices, and this time is not always productive or fruitful. It is important that we make use of our devices in a manner that benefits us as students, helps us manage our time and makes sure that we aren’t wasting it.

Social media and gaming apps can consume a lot of our time which can rather be invested productively.

Following are top 5 apps which are essential for you as a university student in your day to day life.

  1. Attendance tracking apps
    Every other student faces the problem of maintaining the attendance up to the mark and many fall short of it which results in adverse consequences on their academics. The best way to keep a track of your attendance is by downloading an attendance tracking app such as Bunk Manager or Track Plan. You can feed the required threshold that you are supposed to fulfil and add the total number of classes that took place. By filling out your presents and absents, it will tell you beforehand about the number of classes you can afford to skip. This way, you will never fall short on attendance.
  2. News Apps
    Every individual should be aware of the ongoing events in the world and it is very important that you go through the news on a daily basis. It is not always possible to get the access of a newspaper and thus news apps on your phone can prove to be really handy. They provide you with all the updates in the form of notifications and the complete content both, so you will never miss out on the important information. Being conscious of your surroundings not only makes you smarter but also gives you a perspective as to how the world works and gives you a chance to bring a change in the system.
  3. Dictionary and Evernote
    As you learn new things, you come across a lot of words you won’t know the meaning of. It is important to improve your vocabulary and enrich your English language. Having a dictionary on your phone makes it easier and faster to check the meaning of any word whenever you come across it. As a student, you should read plenty of books, and even here a dictionary comes in handy. And a phone being the most accessible tool, an app for dictionary is pretty helpful. It is not only restricted to the English language but any language that you wish to grow in. Evernote is an app that helps you stay organized and be productive by making you remember everything by helping you in taking notes, capturing photos, creating to-do lists and setting reminders, including voice reminders.
  4. Money Manager
    Just as keeping a track of your attendance is essential, keeping a track of your expenditure, too, is important. You tend to spend money unnecessarily as a student and end up being broke by the end of the month. To ensure that you spend your money thriftily, note down your expenses with the help of such an app. It will help you create a budget and make you aware about your credits and savings.
    You can also download various payment apps such as Google Pay, PayPal, etc. to make transfers easy and reduce the use of cash. Being able to pay through your phone makes it easy to make payments anytime and anywhere.
  5. LinkedIn
    LinkedIn is an app that helps you create a professional profile and connect with various prospect employers. The app lets you built a network of your own and make the most of it. It also lets you search for internships or job opportunities on a single platform. Being a student, it is one of the most essential apps to have in your phone. Engaging and sharing content through LinkedIn helps to build a professional reputation.

The aforementioned top 5 apps will help you organise yourself, work efficiently, and make your college life easier and more productive. Now that there is an app for everything, it is a must that you install the ones which can make a difference in your life!

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Top 5 Apps To Have In Your Phone As A University Student
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