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Top 5 Reasons To Travel To India

India is a country with diverse culture, beautiful landscapes, and surprisingly weird cultures and traditions. India is one of those countries which would leave a long-lasting impression in your heart, and you will feel like spending every vacation there.

Many international stars prefer India over any other country and feel like they have a special connection to it. It is widely known that Steve Jobs visited India for inculcating peace. The largest democracy in the world, India is a place one should definitely explore at least once in their lifetime. Following are top 5 reasons to travel to India.

  1. Rich history
    India is the land of the oldest civilization of the world – ‘Indus Valley Civilisation’. It is also home to monuments and architecture dating back to the 16th century.You can see the evolvement of architecture style under different dynasties which have ruled India.

    There are plenty of forts, monuments, palaces, etc. to please your eyes. Most of the palaces are commercialized and are open to the public to give them a glimpse of royal lives of ancient India. Experience India by drowning in the beautiful history of it.

  2. Inexpensive
    According to a report by World Economic Forum (WEF) Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, India is ranked 10th best in terms of “price competitiveness.” India is really affordable and you can easily find luxurious places to stay at a very less price. Other than accommodation, the food here is cheap, and a vast variety of options is also available. If you want to take on a decent trip without burning a hole in your pocket, India is the place to choose!
  3. Food
    We feel that food is good enough reason to travel to India. Its eclectic cuisine has something for every taste bud. Indians take their food very seriously and is usually full of delicious spices. In North India, you would find mouth-watering gravy in both non-vegetarian and vegetarian options. It is normally served with breads like butter naan, paratha, roti, etc. In South India, you will find food more of coconut flavour and sea food is really popular there. India is a heaven for delicious street food which includes Pani Puri,  Bhel, Samosa, Aloo Tikki, Jalebi, Khameeri Roti, Vada Pav, and the list goes on! There is no one food for entire India as you would find diverse cuisine here and we are sure you would fall in love with each one of them.Bandhavgarh National Park, India
  4. Eclectic culture
    Festivals are an integral part of India’s culture. They are major attractions for tourist all over the world. There are number of festivals celebrated widely in India with at least one major festival lined up every month. These festivals depict the variety of cultures that Indians embrace at their homeland. This is another reason for you to visit India, to get a first-hand experience of rich tradition and see India in its glory. A few of the most widely celebrated festivals in India are Diwali, Holi, Dussehra, Christmas, and Teej.
  5. Varied terrain
    India is one of those rare countries where you would find all kinds of terrains. Hill stations in North India, beaches in South and West, deserts in Rajasthan and Gujarat, and scenic beauty in North-Eastern part of India, this country is blessed with it all! You can chill at the beaches of Goa and sip a beer along with it. Trekking in Himachal Pradesh always attracts adventure seekers. Shimla and Jammu and Kashmir give you a peaceful getaway from the hustle and bustle of metro cities. South India is also a favourable place if you want peace and serenity to surround you.

Not to forget, the Taj Mahal is also situated in India, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Hospitality of Indians will win you over and you will fall in love with the people of the country. Blend with the culture of the Indians, explore the lanes of the capital, devour all the street food you can, and A visit to India is highly recommended as it would be an unique experience. Importantly, it is noteworthy that India is one of the most unsafe countries for women, so if you are a woman make sure to take precautions and not roam around late at night.

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