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Top 5 Tips To Sell Your Used Motorbike


You certainly want a quick and profitable sale of your used motorbike. You need to be smart enough to present your motorbike in the best possible way so that it is desirable for a larger number of buyers. The more buyers you attract, the quicker it will sell. We are sharing 5 best tips on selling your used motorbike.

  1. Thoroughly Clean it: The appearance of your bike is the first thing a buyer notices. Buyer judges the maintenance and condition of a used bike by its appearance. Take out time to thoroughly clean the bike. Don’t just give it a high-pressure wash of water. Get into every detail to properly clean it. A little scuff on the case of your bike can make the buyer think that it has been used roughly. So, repaint it if necessary. Spend on some quality cleaning products because this small investment can return you good bucks.
  2. Mechanical Considerations: Make sure the bike operates efficiently. Give it a service by yourself if you can or bring it to a service provider. Ensure that the bike starts easily. The brakes, gears, and clutch levers operate smoothly. Check the tires, chain, and electrics to ensure their proper functioning. Get the loose nuts and bolts tighten at the service store. Tune up the engine if it’s rough. It’s a good idea to keep the service records like receipts of replaced battery or brake pads. These records will make the buyer think that your bike has been maintained well and is mechanically sound.
  3. Know its Worth: Before spreading the word about Selling a Motorcycle, confirm its value in the market. You can surf the online classifieds of bikes and check the prices of the same model. Look at more than one online sources to get a fair idea about the market value of similar motorbikes. Another way to know the worth of your bike is to visit a dealer. He can tell you a good estimate of its price in the local market. Your service provider can also help you out in valuation of the motorcycle.
    The mechanics at service centers can tell you the ongoing prices and may be able to hook you up with prospective buyers. Once you have roughly figured out the value of your motorcycle, decide the price at which you are willing to sell it. It’s recommended to quote a price 10% more than the least amount at which you are willing to sell it. It will create a room for negotiation and the buyer will be satisfied too.
  4. Put up an Ad: After the valuation, it’s time to decide where to put the bike for sale. There are plenty of online classifieds to list your bike. You can also consider the local newspaper or magazines that host such ads. Always post your ad along with good pictures of your bike clicked from all directions. A sharp picture of a clean and good looking bike is appealing for potential buyers. It’s important to include as much information as possible in your ad, especially the model specification, model year, and mileage.
  5. Close the Deal: Every buyer will bargain so negotiate by keeping in mind the profit margin you are willing to let go. Even if you are desperate to sell your bike quickly, don’t sell it to the first buyer unless he offers to pay you the full price. Consider dealing with multiple buyers to close the deal at the maximum offer. Dealing in cash is a good idea and ask for the full payment in your meeting. Your prospective buyer will certainly want a test ride to ensure it performs well. Make sure that the person has a driving license and don’t let the motorbike out of your sight.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - Top 5 Tips To Sell Your Used Motorbike
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