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Men’s Guide: 5 Ways To Match Footwear With Your Outfit And Best Men’s Business Shoes

Just like everything else, your dress sense and style, too, need your dedication. Good outfit determines your personality, but have you ever wondered about the importance of good shoes or clean footwear? Men outfits should have a strong focus on footwear, as it highlights one’s effort being utilized in styling.

Shoes are the first element a person notices in men, they complete your outfit as men don’t have much accessories to add.

Thus, footwear should be treated as an integral part or your outfit, always to be kept clean and opted according to the occasion.

  1. Basics are your savior.
    Basics are forever in trend, and can be worn as casuals, or even as formals. Black, white, and blue shoes in casuals are must to have. They save your life and match every outfit you would ever wear. Be it a yellow t-shirt or red, one of these would perfectly match. Casual shoes include sports shoes, canvas shoes and sneakers but all aren’t must until you crave for a collection. Coming to formal shoes, must haves are black and brown ones. Every trouser will match either of these colors and will never trouble you. Thus, basics are the ones you need to keep beside a fancy and limited collection. They will always be there for you!
  2. Direction from leather.
    This point focuses the formal side of men styling. Men often get confused while matching their accessories with shoes. This confusion is solved by matching the color of your leather belt with your formal footwear, or even the color of leather watch would work wonders. The leather belt and watch is an indication of perfect combination for the formal occasion. But, at the same time, do keep in mind the color of your outfit as there are chances of mismatch. Apart from this, informal dress up can have combination of suitable colors; there is no requirement to match accessories with footwear in this case.
  3. One option.
    Keeping the entire outfit in mind will confuse your choice, so either match your jeans, or your t-shirt with your shoes. Selecting one option will reduce the chances of alternative thinking and will consume less time to pair. This focuses not only on basics but also other colors like red, orange, two combinations and trendy footwear. The illustration here can be, if you are going to wear a red t-shirt with black jeans, then simply pick red shoes, or the black ones, or the combination of both. If you are still confused, then skip to option one! That’s the ultimate guidance.
  4. The complementary color.
    In case you are not a basics lover, and have a colorful collection, then go beyond matching either of your elements with your footwear. Complementary color isn’t a different color but a resembling tone of your outfit. It all starts with a style sense and a basic knowledge of colors. With reference to the first illustration, you can pair blue or white shoes with the respective outfit, or any color you think goes well. Be confident to play with colors as most of the men don’t!
  5. An eye on formality scale.
    Colors are acceptable till you make a mistake in taking note of the nature of event you are going to, or the mismatch of formals and casuals. Men are seen wearing formal loafers with casual t-shirts and even sports shoes with a suit. It shows the carelessness and negative approach towards personal styling. All this makes sense in the case of an emergency but not on a daily basis. Always be on one side of styling, and resist playing in the middle.|

    Mixing the two can prove to be a blunder, unless you are a stylist by profession, or hobby!

Best Men’s Business Shoes To Buy:

  1. Florsheim Men’s Tux Plain Toe Tuxedo Formal Oxford.
  2. Florsheim Men’s Broxton Cap Toe Lace Up Oxford Dress Shoe.
  3. Florsheim Men’s Casablanca Cap Toe Dress Shoe Lace Up Oxford.
  4. Calvin Klein Men’s Bernard Loafer.
  5. Vionic Men’s Spruce Shane Oxford.
  6. ALDO Men’s Zomba.
  7. Cole Haan Men’s Lenox Hill Cap Oxford.
  8. Cole Haan Men’s Williams Wingtip Oxford.
  9. Cole Haan Men’s Williams II Monk-Strap Loafer.
  10. Ted Baker Men’s Rogrr 2 Oxford.
  11. Ted Baker Men’s Daiser Loafer.

The color, condition and style of your footwear describe your personality type. In addition to focusing on the best combination of footwear with the outfit, one must also consider the comfort of the footwear; after all, standing all day long isn’t a cake walk! Footwear is an essential part of your style and it reflects your personality, so read the aforementioned pointers again, if you need to, and go pro at matching your footwear with your outfit!

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Men’s Guide: 5 Ways To Match Footwear With Your Outfit And Best Men’s Business Shoes
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