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Top 10 Heritage Spots To Visit In The Year 2019

Angkor Wat Cambodia

Traveling selectively to heritage spots is one of the best ways to enjoy the cultural and historical backgrounds of a place. To understand the cultural roots, heritage spots offer a great deal of information.

There are an ample number of heritage spots in the world which are unique of their own accord and offer some brilliant experiences for the passionate traveler.

Heritage spots also bring a sense of fulfillment to traveling experience with the sublime impact they make. Here are the top ten heritage spots of the world which you cannot afford to miss in the year 2019:

  1. Angkor Vat- Cambodia:  This is one of the most precious archaeological sites in the world and was the capital of the Khmer empire from 9-15th century. Visit the temple here at sunrise and also check out Bayon Temple to look at statuesque faces made from stone. Also, experience the Tomb Raider action at Ta Prohm.
  2. Acropolis – Greece: The pristine pantheon along with numerous historic monuments make this a brilliant heritage spot to visit. To study in depth about Greek gods and their civilizations, Acropolis is the best. Visit the temple of Athena Nike, remains of  Propylaea and get a magnificent view of the ancient city from a viewpoint at the temple premises.
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    Acropolis, Athens, Greece

  3. Machu Pichu-Peru: A trip to this exotic country will be incomplete without visiting Machu Pichu. Situated at the midsection between Andes and Amazon basins, the beauty of this heritage site cannot be explained in words. The local llamas is a must watch and also make sure your camera is ready to capture the brilliant flora and fauna of the place.

    Machu Picchu, Peru

  4. Mount Kilimanjaro (Kilimanjaro National Park) Tanzania: The exciting journey to 19,000-foot high summit challenges your physical and mental energies for good reason. Also, try out watching the amazing wildlife of this region. Visiting Kilimanjaro actually brings lot of perseverance, and determination to do anything in life.

    Mount Kilimanjaro, Kilimanjaro National Park, Tanzania

  5. Sigiriya- Sri Lanka: Get to visit the ancient fortress of Srigirya which is also known as Lion’s Rock. Also watch the beautiful paintings which takes you to the top of the rock. Visit the water, boulder, terrace gardens and amazing panoramic view with lovely landscapes,
  6. Okavango Delta- Botswana: This destination is quite special because it doesn’t flow into the sea and the best place for a safari. If you are someone who loves diverse wildlife, this is the best place to go.
  7. Cinque Terre- Italy: Apart from popular destinations such as Venice, Rome, and Florence, Cinque Terre is a lesser-known beauty in the country. The five coastal villages on the sea cliffs and the buildings are painted in bright colors.
  8. Alhambra- Spain: This exquisite building in 889 and renovated in the 13th century is a mix of  Moorish and Christian styles. The destination has a wide historic background.
  9. Kinkaku- Ji Temple- Japan: Famous for its most exquisite temples and shrines, the famous Zen Buddhist temple Kinkaku Ji is also known as the Golden Pavilion.  The building sits on a calm lake which is quite amazing to look at.
  10. Pingvellir National Park- Iceland: The country with pure natural beauty has the best destinations. The rift valley has a breathtaking ambiance and significance.

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