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Fashion magazines are instrumental in the popularisation of the fashion industry across the globe. All kinds of variants circulate throughout the world, from the regional to international level. All of these magazines are aimed at educating their readers about the value of what they think is fashion and promote anything which is fashion-related.

As noted, there are many variants of fashion magazines. I have chosen the international ones for the purpose of this article. There are many prominent international fashion magazines which are part of big dreams of both models and celebrities from the entertainment industry. I will highlight 7 of them.

  1. Vogue (magazine).
    Vogue is among the most influential magazines in the fashion industry—in fact, many claim that it is the best in the world (though, it is up to you to decide).
    The magazine has a rich history of its own. It was first published long back in 1892 in the form of a weekly newspaper. However, with an increasing readership, it assumed a magazine format.
    Vogue has taken long leaps in the fashion industry, especially after Anna Wintour took over as its chief editor in 1988 and is incidentally the artistic director for Condé Nast, which is the publisher of the magazine.
  2. Cosmopolitan (magazine).
    Cosmopolitan is an international magazine dedicated to women’s fashion. It was first printed in 1886, but not as what it is now—it was printed in the form of a family magazine. With time, it moved to women’s fashion and has completely shed its earlier image.
    Cosmopolitan magazine is outspoken about intimate issues concerning women such as self-reformation, sex, health, and relationships. The expanse of the magazine is worldwide, with approximately 64 international editions circulating throughout the world and has its distribution channels across 110 countries.
  3. Elle (magazine).
    Started in 1945 as a women fashion magazine, Elle has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. It is a French magazine, as the name suggests. It presently circulates in 44 countries, with distribution networks spread across all major countries in the world. It is presently headquartered in Paris.
    The magazine covers all the hot topics in the fashion industry and gives extensive coverage to the happenings during Fashion Weeks. It discusses topics on health, recreation, beauty and of course, fashion.
  4. Harper’s Bazaar.
    Harper’s Bazaar is said to be the first American magazine which targeted the upper middle class. It started its circulation in 1862 and is especially known for its highly informative and polished content, discussing topics concerning the latest fashion trends and fashion weeks. Originally, it was a weekly magazine but now circulates on a monthly basis.
    Harper Bazaar has a strong worldwide presence, with its circulation spread across 32 countries. It has its headquarters in New York City.
  5. Grazia.
    Grazia is a famous Italian magazine which holds international prominence and has a worldwide expanse extending to all major countries in the world. It printed its first international edition in 2004; that edition was printed in Bulgaria. Its first print ever, however, was in 1938.
    The magazine has made strides in the fashion publication industry by catering to both offline and online communities. It runs 20 editions and has a readership running in millions. It is known for its unique experiments with the latest trends in fashion that makes it a favorite for many.
  6. W (magazine).
    W was first printed in 1972 and is a sister magazine to the Vogue, as it is also owned by Condé Nast. It is an American magazine which caters to topics in areas such as culture, celebrity lives, fashion, and health, but deals with those topics which are usually not dealt with extensively by other magazines. Obviously, this means it has its own share of controversies.
  7. Marie Claire.
    Marie Claire was started in 1937 by Evelyn Prouvost, who was a fashion legend herself. Her reputation helped Marie Claire (apart from its solid content!) gain an edge, and this is evident from the fact that the first edition of the magazine went on to sell over half a million copies. One of the things which helped Marie Claire gain traction in the fashion industry was that it gave more than what a typical fashion magazine gave. Back in its early formative years, it published content which highlighted the voices of women following World War II. Presently, Marie Claire runs its circulation in 35 countries and in many regional languages.

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