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5 Makeup Tips For Men To Keep In Mind


Looking good has never been a crime, and there has never been a better way to feel good about yourself than looking good. But for most of the time, guys are at a loss. They do not know their way through the maze. If you are one of them, then start feeling better already.

Make-up for men needs to be treated with as much seriousness as women’s. As a matter of fact, I have compiled a list of 5 tips which will guide men about make-up and make their decision-making easier. The whole idea behind this article is to make men comfortable with make-up and provide them with basic information on how to go about it. So, let us take a look.

  • Invest

Skincare demands investment. Men’s skin is of a more rough texture than a woman’s; your skin care products are going to be vastly different from that of women.

Investing in just some hair gel and a face wash is not going to get you anywhere. You need to know the difference between a guyliner and a primer too. And you get to know that only when you are ready to invest in a quality product.

Another reason to invest in your skin: it is sensitive and thus, harmful products would rob the natural luster of your skin. The outcome of such recklessness towards the quality of products will leave your skin dry, can even cause pigmentation and escalate aging.

  • Ask For Help

Asking for help means that you have taken the first step, and that is often the hardest part. You would be amazed at the number of resources that are available for you. From video tutorials to expert advice, and that is not even the best part!

The best part is that you get to have so many options; some of which are a better way to do things that you have been doing. By asking for advice, you have the chance to explore something that might be more beneficial.

There are skin care products available for men, and they offer customer-based services. Pick up the phone and start dialing. Go online and check customer reviews. Read up articles written on skin care products and compare them. The Internet is a place for everything you can imagine—make the best use of it.

  • Diversify

By just using one product, you will not be able to climb up the mountain you desire. You need to branch out. The primer is not cutting it; you need to get the toner too. And you need them to be assigned to your particular skin palette. No short cuts.

It is not just one single step but a number of small ones that lead, ultimately, to looking good. So, accessorize. There is no other way you would be able to have all the essentials unless you test them all.

  • Know Your Skin Type

Just like that saying goes, one size does not fit all. It might be that your friend got amazing results from just a little effort or that your icon, who you aspire to be like, looks good naturally. But that does not mean that the same might be true for you too.

You are an entirely different person who has got a whole lot of different requirements. If your skin is that of a naturally dry type, then your needs differ drastically from someone who has naturally oily skin.

And this is not extra work; this is the basic foundation on which you will build your make up. Choosing the wrong product will greatly offset your progress. If you want to end up looking good, start with knowing yourself.

  • Moisturize

You can forget everything mentioned above unless you stay moisturized. That is one thing you cannot take a shortcut to. No matter what you do, you will always find your way back to the place you began if you do not take care of your skin.

Apart from drinking lots of water, you also need to make sure that you are applying a moisturizer on your skin. Your face and the other parts of your body, exposed to open air, lose moisture quickly and so you must have a good moisturizer with you.

It is essential to apply something that will help you retain that moisture and give your skin a natural glow. When stepping out in the sun, do not go for anything less than SPF 85.

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