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5 Influential Women Designers Which Transformed The Fashion Industry


Fashion and women have always been synonymous. They have more of a say in the field than a man possesses. It is no surprise that most male designers prefer to use women as their muse when starting off fashion lines.

All through the course of history, there have been notable instances of women designers stepping up the game and setting an example for the rest of the industry to follow. In this article, we are focusing on such select ladies that have made a name, deep enough, not to be forgotten.

The following ladies continue to be an inspiration and a source of motivation even today for aspiring designers all over the world.

  • Madeleine Chéruit

Her name might not be familiar to those who are not students of fashion; but for those who know her, they know that her contribution to the industry is second to none. In fact, she is the first woman designer to gain prominence in the industry.

She started out in the late 1890s and rose to eminence quickly. Hers was one of the very few fashion houses that managed to stay open during the First World War. Her fashion store had close to a hundred rooms and a dedicated section to each style of attire. She is widely acknowledged as the woman who opened up the field for others to step in and make a name.

  • Coco Chanel

The name that needs no introduction—Choco Chanel’s presence in the industry is still acknowledged strongly. She introduced the fusion of two segments to come up with something new. She combined the elements of women’s sportswear with women’s leisure wear.

She borrowed certain elements from the men’s section of the same and made it into a revolution. Her brand is widely loved and appreciated for bringing something new to an industry that can thrive only on innovation.

What many people fail to recognize is the fact that not only did she bring about something new but also introduced the world to a whole new area of fashion. She opened up a whole new segment that had not yet been explored. In that sense, she is a titan of industry.

  • Elsa Schiaparelli

Again, if you are a student of fashion, you would know her contribution to this craft. But even if you are not, there is no need to worry. We will tell you why she is revered so in today’s world.

You must be familiar with the certain experimental sense in fashion. Well, she was the person who introduced it all. It was her who first took it upon herself to infuse some elements of experimentation. The trend picked up and the number of her followers has been ever increasing. She is the one who brought structured jackets for women.

  • Valentina

Valentina was the first designer who came to be known by her first name. But that is not the reason we are including her in this list. The reason is that she set off a trend of her own; she defined an entire line of fashion that has been going on exactly the same up to this day. And that line is that of the Hollywood elites.

What the stars wear sets the trend in the industry. They work with top designers. But Valentina was the one to start the lavish gowns they wear on the red carpet. She was the first designer to drape women in such a fashion—and that is a trend that continues to this day.

  • Mary Quant

The independent women of today owe much to her. The hot pants that are comfortable to be in and risqué at the same time are something that the world owes to her. She has been instrumental in bringing about this revolution in the styling sense of women.

The trend of short and liberating clothing was a cause championed by her. And in that regard, she is still regarded as an icon. There are many students who follow her fashion statement to this day and inspire others too. She was the one who made clothing into an expression of self and a statement of independence.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - 5 Influential Women Designers Which Transformed The Fashion Industry

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