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Email Validation: What to Expect Once You Clean Your List

If you pay any attention to the email marketing industry, you probably hear a lot of talk about email validation. There are tremendous benefits that explain its growth. As email has become such a popular marketing channel, data quality matters more than ever. It makes the difference between average and stellar email marketing, just as much as the quality of your content. But what exactly can you expect from an email validation system? Let’s take a look at how your business improves once you have your list cleaned.

But first, what does an email validation system do?

It analyzes your email list in depth and returns specific results regarding its quality. If you have any invalid, fake or other types of risky email addresses, it will point them out and isolate them, so you can remove them from your list. Technically speaking, the system determines whether the format (syntax) of an email address is correct and whether it is associated with a valid domain.

Your bounce rate will be better than ever

If you send newsletters and marketing emails, your bounce rate is one of your most important metrics. How many emails were lost in transit and never made it to your subscribers’ inboxes? Take a look at your reports after each campaign. If the number is higher than 2%, you know your email list needs some pruning.

An email validation system is just the right tool to take care of that. By using multiple algorithms, it detects and weeds out invalid email addresses in your list. For example, you may have gathered misspelled contacts when people tried to subscribe to your emails. Or some of the addresses that you added to your database may have been temporary. These all result in invalid, hence useless, contacts that an email validator will remove.

As a result, you’ll see a nice decrease in your bounce rate – depending on the quality of the service you use, you can achieve full email deliverability.

Your sender reputation will improve

As a business sending emails, you’ve got one precious thing to protect: your sender reputation. There are several aspects that determine it, but the most important one is your data quality. The cleaner your email list, the more solid your sender reputation. And the better your deliverability, meaning that more people will see your emails in their inboxes, not in the Spam folder.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) need to protect email users from the increasing amount of Spam the Internet is seeing. The first thing they look at, when deciding whether or not to deliver your emails, is your reputation. Sending emails to valid recipients tells ISPs that you follow best practices and you run a legitimate business.

A complex email validation service can also detect and remove spam traps, a fact that also contributes to a positive sender reputation. Spam traps aren’t real email addresses – they don’t belong to anyone, and their only purpose is to attract and block spammers. You don’t want your emails to hit any spam trap.

You have a better chance to convert

As you start emailing better leads, you’ll notice other metrics changing in your email marketing reports. The first one will be your open rate. More people will see your emails, so you’ll get a higher number of clicks.

You’ll also be happy to see your click-through rates improve – that’s your chance to convert! Of course, your copy plays a huge role here. So, if you don’t feel confident about your writing, consider hiring a talented copywriter to help you out.

The ultimate benefit of email validation is that it helps you weed out useless – and risky – email addresses, so you can focus on real leads. Staying on top of your email hygiene isn’t hard at all. Depending on the size of your list, it takes a few minutes, or hours, to validate your contacts and email more confidently.

How to use an email validation system

It’s the easiest thing there could be: most of them don’t require any download, so you simply upload your email list on the platform. Once it’s there, you don’t have to worry about it, the system cleans it up for you.

The results you get should be clear enough to allow you to understand why it’s best to let go of some of your contacts. You may lose a part of your list, but who wants to email spam traps, disposable, or abuse emails? Think about it this way: instead of growing your list at all costs, you’ll build one that’s genuine and helps you boost your overall email marketing performance.

Final tip

If you’re willing to take one step further toward a more powerful list, consider adding an email validation API on your website. This real-time verification method prevents bad signups and keeps your database clean for a longer time.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Advisory - Email Validation: What to Expect Once You Clean Your List
Liviu Tanase
Liviu Tanase is a serial entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of email validation platform ZeroBounce and email marketing platform MxMail. Liviu is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine.