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America’s Best Frequent Flyer Programs For The Business Traveler, 2019

America's Best Frequent Flyer Programs For The Business Traveler, 2019

No matter how long or how frequent you fly, the passion of traveling always gets you going to new and unexplored heights. Joining a frequent flyer program of any airlines under such situations always play on a safer side that endows the flyer with unremitting perks and usage.

Redeeming points or miles covered, blackout dates, the frequency of flights in a day, availability of flight to a particular destination and many such loyalty programs of airlines chalk out the best frequent flyer programs among a bunch of plug-ins. Below enlisted are five best frequent flyer program that will hopefully prove beneficial to a flyer.

America’s Best Frequent Flyer Programs For The Business Traveler, 2019

1. Delta Airlines: SkyMiles Program.

‘The more you know about SkyMiles, the more you can take advantage of the benefits and make the most of your membership.’ The initial lines say it all. Delta’s SkyMiles have been in the list of best flyer programs for the last four years in a row. The best part of this package is that the miles never ever expire.

Apart from no mileage expiration, it also provides Medallion benefits like unlimited complimentary upgrades, Delta Comfort Plus, baggage fee waiver, and complimentary preferred seats. The wide range of partnered credit cards that can be used while transferring their points to Delta Airlines is another advantage of the third largest airline of the US.

Delta SkyMiles program ranked as the best Frequent Flyer Programs For The Business Traveler, 2019

2. Jet Blue Airways: True Blue Plan.

Another program where the miles never expire is in the True Blue Plan of Jet Blue Airways. The collected points can be redeemed at any Jet Blue destination without any blackout dates. The program showers benefits like sharing points with family and friends, redeeming points in vacation packages, hotels and partner airlines.

The most exceptional part of this plan is that one can pool their points with their family and friends. Most of the airlines allow only single account per flyer, but True Blue Plan allows its user to manage and accumulate all the points rewarded to his/her family members in the same account as well.

3. Hawaiian Airlines: HawaiianMiles.

The tagline says, ‘Life is better when you’re a member of HawaiianMiles.’ The line justifies itself as Hawaiian airlines is one among two of the present airlines that offer inter-island flights in Hawaii. Apart from the regular mile credits, the airlines offer extra mile benefits for passengers flying in business class or first class.

One has to keep in mind that the mile points have an expiry date unlike other airlines and those can be best used while booking award seats from the same. Hawaiian mile can be redeemed while traveling in partner airlines (less possibility of redeeming in goods and services) but this cannot be done online and needs a telephonic conversation with the reservation line. You can also buy mile points like in Southwest airlines but the price is a bit higher when compared to the previous.

4. Southwest Airlines: Rapid Rewards.

The best part of Rapid Rewards is that travelers are offered unlimited reward seats. The more one gets to travel, the more they can earn reward points. It provides hassle-free online booking with no blackout dates. Flyers can exchange their hard-earned points at any journey at any time without getting worried about holidays.

Rapid Rewards has another option where one can buy some extra points to get a ticket. This often spends the earlier earned points sooner than any fresh accumulative. Cashing the accumulated points at hotels, restaurants and buying merchant goods across the globe are the auxiliary aids of Southwest Airlines.

5. United Airlines: Mileage Plan.

Mileage Plan is referred to as The World’s Most Rewarding Loyalty Program and is the second oldest frequent flyer programs in the world. The United Airlines Mileage plan enables a flyer to earn miles and points which can be exchanged on trips, vacations, shopping, and fine dining.

The earned miles can also be redeemed for awards on any Star Alliance partner airlines. The more frequent flyer also get upgraded automatically to the Premium status where one can get an additional benefit of discounts, fee waiver, upgrades, travel benefits and added free miles. Few partnered credit cards like United Explorer business card also helps a frequent flyer in accumulating miles directly.

America’s Best Frequent Flyer Programs For The Business Traveler, 2019

To help travellers in the United States, CEOWORLD magazine compared the loyalty programs for the business traveler of the 12 largest domestic airlines across 12 metrics, including the number of daily flights/destinations served, how quickly (if at all) frequent flyer miles expire, blackout dates, point/mile value, partners/alliances, and the ability to earn and redeems miles, among others. For the second year in a row, Delta Air Lines tops the list.

Full list: America’s Best Frequent Flyer Programs For The Business Traveler, 2019.

  1. Delta Airlines: SkyMiles Program.
  2. Jet Blue Airways: True Blue Plan.
  3. Hawaiian Airlines: HawaiianMiles.
  4. Southwest Airlines: Rapid Rewards.
  5. United Airlines: Mileage Plan.
  6. American Airlines: AAdvantage.
  7. Alaska Airlines: Mileage Plan.
  8. Spirit Airlines: FREE SPIRIT.
  9. Frontier Airlines: Frontier Miles.
  10. Sun Country Airlines: Rewards Program.

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