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How Can Managers Train Staff On Good Customer Service?

Have you ever stopped doing business with a brand because of poor service?

If so, you’re not alone. An impressive 41 percent of consumers have abandoned a company due to a bad experience, and American brands have lost as much as $756bn in sales as a result of buyers going elsewhere.

Good customer service is critical in every business, in every industry. People want to be treated with respect, courtesy and sympathy — and there are so many companies competing for their money, they have no reason to tolerate anything less.

Managers have to train their staff to deliver quality service, but how?

Work on their Communication

Great communication skills go a long way in customer service. At 911 Remediation, we’re passionate about communicating clearly: we give our audience all the details, assistance and answers they need, with complete transparency.

You have to make sure your team extends a warm greeting to customers, takes time to listen and ultimately gives them what they want. Handling some people can be difficult, but learning to respect customers and stay calm makes it easier.

Use role-play scenarios to identify good and bad examples of consumer-focused communication. Create situations that could happen and help staff understand how to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

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Invest in Product / Service Training

Pay for staff to undergo comprehensive training to boost their knowledge of products and services.

Your team must have the knowledge to answer every question customers have about your products or services. Provide them with the resources to ensure they can retrieve information in a matter of moments.

Even if they have to ask a colleague for help, they should do so quickly and efficiently. Let the customer know further clarification is required, and offer to call them back. This prevents them having to wait on hold and saves them the money on a second call.

It’ll be worth the expense when customer-satisfaction rates rise.

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Make Training an Ongoing Process

Customer service is always evolving. For example, people have more ways to contact businesses than ever today, with live chat, email, phone, social media and even text messages. And people increasingly want 24/7 accessibility too, to suit their schedule.

Customer service training should be a regular part of your daily operations. Look at the biggest trends affecting the customer experience in your own industry and others. Distribute customer surveys to gather valuable data that guides your training.

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Encourage Collaboration for Self-Development

Your employees have their own work experience, their own motivations, their own goals.

Foster a culture of collaboration and invite staff members to help each other develop. If one employee is particularly skilled with handling difficult customers, encourage them to share their insights with colleagues. If another always has an answer for customer questions, ask them to explain how they retain information so well to inspire others.

These four techniques will help every manager train staff on good customer service.

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