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CEO Spotlight: How Russell Ruffino is Changing the Mainstream Business Mindset

As a CEO or an entrepreneur, your personal brand and business success likely means everything. For those of us who know what it takes to create a business from nothing, it’s unlike anything else. Not only is it something we’ve worked extremely hard for, it’s also a work of art that not only provides a service and value to others around us but also a testament to what is possible when one truly puts in the time and effort to accomplish something.

With all of this in mind, it’s important to always take a look at the changing environments around us. Not just as an entrepreneur or end user, but also as an industry as a whole. What changes are being made in your industry, how are companies using new technology to get ahead, and what’s on the horizon for your own business and entrepreneurial efforts.

To shed some light on these questions and crucial focus points, I had the opportunity to connect with Russell Ruffino of Clients on Demand, which was recently honored #186 in the Inc 500! Through his proven success and experience in working with thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses around the world, we wanted to get Russell’s personal expertise on how to grow a successful business in the world today.

During this discussion, we touched on the following key points.

The Internet of Today, and Where We are Headed Tomorrow

Its seems like the internet is changing at a faster pace than ever before. With more than a billion active sites on the internet today, it’s no longer about just creating content, but instead doing it better.

We are also seeing more audiences moving away from Google search results, desktop usage and reading articles, while seeing a continuing focus on users wanting to consume more visual content and getting their information from social media.

With all of this in mind, how should an entrepreneur best address the needs of their audience and make sure their business is ready for the coming changes that might hit earlier than expected?

We’re moving from an information economy to a transformation economy. People are beginning to realize that more information isn’t the answer to their problems. For example, they’ve already read a million articles about “The 7 Diet Secrets Everyone Should Know,” but they’re still overweight. 

Smart CEOs are recognizing this and beginning to understand that the customer doesn’t want information, he/she wants transformation. The customer wants to achieve certain outcomes in his life, and helping people do that should be the main focus of a successful business.

Business in the World of AI and Automated Technology

Looking at the internet several years back, it was more of a manual and one-way conversion. This was especially true back before the usage of WordPress, and when sites were built of mainly HTML content. Now everything is completely different.

Through the use of web-based software, artificial intelligence and automated technology, businesses are now growing at rapid rates, while also needing less manual work than ever before.

How is your business taking advantage of these advancements in technology?

Our company is on track to do close to $20M in revenue this year, and the company is 100% virtual. We have 29 team members around the world; every single one of them works from home. We use Zoom – a crowd-conferencing platform – to enable our team to video chat face-to-face, and we deliver 100% of our coaching and consulting online. This enables us to work with clients all over the world, and recruit the very best team members, even if they live in another hemisphere.

Right Now is the Best Time to Get Started

The internet has completely changed everything about the world today — especially for businesses and entrepreneurs who want to grow and scale in size. The same is true for anyone that wants to start a new business, but doesn’t want to go the traditional route of starting a local business, hiring employees and starting off with a lot of debt.

At the same time, we are also seeing a lot of success in the world of online coaching, putting skill sets to good use, and also side hobbies turning into real businesses. Are these individual just getting lucky, or are they following a proven path to find success with all of the opportunity that lies within the world of entrepreneurship today?

Technology makes it easier than ever before to reach the EXACT clients and customers you want. A brick-and-mortar business from 30 years ago could only service clients in it’s own geographical area. Today, an online business can serve clients anywhere in the world. And Facebook, and other online ad platforms make it very simple to pinpoint the exact clients you want, and put your message right in front of them.

How to Scale When It Seems Like You’ve Hit the Wall

Starting a business is the easy part. Finding long term success and being profitable is what really sets apart the winners from the losers. What is your best advice when it comes to scaling a business or getting over the hump when it seems like you’ve hit the wall?

Business comes down to 3 key functions: Attract new leads, Convert them into clients, and Deliver your service as powerfully and profitably as possible. To scale to 7 or 8-figures, you need rock-solid processes for doing all 3 that run like clockwork. If you don’t have that, Clients on Demand can help.

Now the Spotlight is on You!

New entrepreneurs and business owners are entering your industry and market every single day. While they might be new and have less experience than you, they are still your competition and saturating your market more than ever before.

With all of this in mind, it’s extremely important to make sure you are always growing your personal knowledge and business in the right direction.

Be sure to read through each of the key points and actionable tips mentioned throughout this resource, then also implement them in your own business or day to day practices.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Insider - CEO Spotlight: How Russell Ruffino is Changing the Mainstream Business Mindset
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