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Results Are In: The 80 Best Countries In The World For 2018

It’s official, tax haters and chocolate lovers SWITZERLAND has been ranked as the best country on earth — in an annual US News ranking survey. They awarded the number two spot to CANADA and number three spot to GERMANY.

Six out of the 10 top countries ranked by the report are European.

Despite concerns about the country’s global influence and Brexit, the United Kingdom – the birthplace of Shakespeare, cruised past the United States in the rankings to take fourth place.

Japan is the fifth best country in the world and Sweden (sixth).

The wealthy Pacific nation AUSTRALIA jumped up one spot from number eight to number seven, and embarrassingly, the United State has dropped one spot to eighth place. The western European country FRANCE stayed put at number nine.

The Netherlands took the tenth spot.

These are the top 80 best countries in the world for 2018:

1Switzerland$659.8 billion8.4 million
2Canada$1.5 trillion36.3 million
3Germany$3.5 trillion82.7 million
4United Kingdom$2.6 trillion65.6 million
5Japan$4.9 trillion127.0 million
6Sweden$511.0 billion9.9 million
7Australia$1.2 trillion24.1 million
8United States$18.6 trillion323.1 million
9France$2.5 trillion66.9 million
10Netherlands$770.8 billion17.0 million
11Denmark$306.1 billion5.7 million
12Norway$370.6 billion5.2 million
13New Zealand$185.0 billion4.7 million
14Finland$236.8 billion5.5 million
15Italy$1.8 trillion60.6 million
16Singapore$297.0 billion5.6 million
17Austria$386.4 billion8.7 million
18Luxembourg$59.9 billion0.6 million
19Spain$1.2 trillion46.4 million
20China$11.2 trillion1400 million
21Ireland$294.1 billion4.8 million
22South Korea$1.4 trillion51.2 million
23United Arab Emirates$348.7 billion9.3 million
24Portugal$204.6 billion10.3 million
25India$2.3 trillion1300 million
26Russia$1.3 trillion144.3 million
27Thailand$406.8 billion68.9 million
28Greece$194.6 billion10.7 million
29Brazil$1.8 trillion207.7 million
30Israel$318.7 billion8.5 million
31Mexico$1.0 trillion127.5 million
32Poland$469.5 billion37.9 million
33Czech Republic$192.9 billion10.6 million
34Malaysia$296.4 billion31.2 million
35Qatar$152.5 billion2.6 million
36Turkey$857.7 billion79.5 million
37Saudi Arabia$646.4 billion32.3 million
38Hungary$124.3 billion9.8 million
39South Africa$294.8 billion55.9 million
40Argentina$545.9 billion43.8 million
41Indonesia$932.3 billion261.1 million
42Egypt$336.3 billion95.7 million
43Peru$192.1 billion31.8 million
44Vietnam$202.6 billion92.7 million
45Costa Rica$57.4 billion4.9 million
46Dominican Republic$71.6 billion10.6 million
47Morocco$101.4 billion35.3 million
48Panama$55.2 billion4.0 million
49Philippines$304.9 billion103.3 million
50Croatia$50.4 billion4.2 million
51Sri Lanka$81.3 billion21.2 million
52Chile$247.0 billion17.9 million
53Slovenia$44.0 billion2.1 million
54Romania$186.7 billion19.7 million
55Colombia$282.5 billion48.7 million
56Bulgaria$52.4 billion7.1 million
57Kenya$70.5 billion48.5 million
58Uruguay$52.4 billion3.4 million
59Latvia$27.7 billion2.0 million
60Ecuador$97.8 billion16.4 million
61Bahrain$31.9 billion1.4 million
62Tanzania$47.4 billion55.6 million
63Myanmar$67.4 billion52.9 million
64Azerbaijan$37.8 billion9.8 million
65Tunisia$42.1 billion11.4 million
66Guatemala$68.8 billion16.6 million
67Bolivia$33.8 billion10.9 million
68Jordan$38.7 billion9.5 million
69Ukraine$93.3 billion45.0 million
70Kazakhstan$133.7 billion17.8 million
71Ghana$42.7 billion28.2 million
72Belarus$47.4 billion9.5 million
73Oman$66.3 billion4.4 million
74Islamic Republic of Pakistan$283.7 billion193.2 million
75Lebanon$47.5 billion6.0 million
76Nigeria$405.1 billion186.0 million
77Iran$393.4 billion80.3 million
78Serbia$37.7 billion7.1 million
79Angola$89.6 billion28.8 million
80Algeria$156.1 billion40.6 million

The digital news outlet says the list is based on a survey of more than 21,000 “informed elites, business leaders, and global citizens” who rank 80 countries in 24 categories, including “cultural influence,” “heritage,” “adventure” and “quality of life.”

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Results Are In: The 80 Best Countries In The World For 2018
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Prof. Dr. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj is CEO and editor-in-chief of CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow him on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.