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The 6 Step Guide to Property Investment

How to diagnose and treat money malnutrition: You’re paid good money. And you work hard to earn it. So hard, in fact, that you’re wondering how long you can maintain this relentless way of life.

The expectations are increasing and with it the hours at the office. It makes it tough to maintain relationships with family and friends, health can be impacted, and even if you can keep it all together, there’s that fading dream of retiring in comfort one day.

Even though most business leaders understand the need for investing to build long-term wealth and secure an ideal retirement lifestyle, most don’t know where to start. And as a result the plan is put off, and you’re stuck on that treadmill relying on your superannuation which is likely to see your lifestyle income plummet by 90% on average when you try to stop work.

It’s a common case of ‘money malnutrition’, and I too was a victim, with nothing but debt and stress to my name 20 years ago.

The good news is we’ve discovered the cure. Today my wife and I have 12 properties, an enviable lifestyle and we’re working because we want to, not because we have to.

The ‘Freedom Formula’ diagnosis

Money malnutrition can appear in the form of a number of diseases including HIV (High Income Virus) or STD (Sexually Transmitted Debt). And as your good doctor, I’m prescribing you with the Freedom Formula multivitamin supplement – a time-release income replacement property investment program to be rolled out over ten to 20 years to help you grow, protect and maintain your lifestyle.

Preventative wealth vitamins

Much like the principles of physical health, such as diet, exercise and rest, preventative wealth relies on giving yourself lots of ‘TLC’ – tender loving care through the power of time, leverage and the universal law of compounding returns to build exponential growth.

There’s no better way to put this into play than property, where we can utilise the bank’s money and a team of experts to help us get back to wealth health.

What’s in the vitamins?

Let’s look at how we’re mixing up the medicine.

It starts with combining the value of income producing assets you can secure, the interest rate of capital growth and your investment time.

These are supplemented with your set up and sustainability factors – your ongoing affordability, long-term mindset and your ongoing income to fuel your investments.

And don’t forget the key people involved in this property pharmaceutical process. The quality of the professional team, your network, determines your net wealth, when working together in line with your capital growth to cash flow strategy.

The 6-step wealth treatment plan

To get the full benefit of your vitamins, you need to administer them correctly.

  1. Start by getting clear on your why – identifying your ideal lifestyle and how much passive income you need to fund it. Understand the gap between this goal and your current wealth position.
  2. Examine your capacity and capability – what can you afford to invest?
  3. You then complete your road map strategy approach to bridge the gap.
  4. With the plan in place, you’re ready to engage and leverage your independent professional team, led by a property investment advisor, finance broker and accountant.
  5. The team will help bring your plan to life, delivering your property portfolio treatment.
  6. With a wealth health check every 18 months or so, your set and forget property portfolio growth is well and truly in motion.

Get started

Getting back to health starts with that first visit to the doctor, and it is no different when it comes to your wealth. Call a registered property investment advisor or an investment savvy mortgage broker now.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - The 6 Step Guide to Property Investment

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Bushy Martin
Bushy Martin is a property investment & finance specialist and author of The Freedom Formula. He and his wife Sonya have built an international portfolio of 12 properties that afford them a great lifestyle.