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10 Social Engineering Tricks to Establish Your Brand

In today’s digital time, establishing your brand is as easy as creating a strong online presence. The availability of online marketing strategies has leveled the playing field for everyone from small to large-scale businesses. Knowing how to make use of these strategies can spell all the difference.  So you’ve come up with a unique and promising product, now how do you actually promote your brand and find the right market for your product?

Here’s how to establish your brand through social engineering:

1. Get feedback and reviews.

The best way to get honest feedback about your brand is by talking to your family and friends.  Get them to try your product and ask them what they like and don’t like about it. This is a good way to establish your brand’s core strengths and identify areas for improvement early on. This can be done prior to your product launch or even after. Ask customers to give honest feedback about your brand and strive to improve on glitches. Learning from your customers helps you leverage on product growth and ensures you stay relevant and competitive in the market.

2. Gather customer information.

The best way to boost your brand is by first getting to know your customer. Create a customer database that helps you keep track of pertinent information such as their age, address, contact number and email. Identifying your customer’s demographic gives you a better idea of what they want and what ideas might be of particular interest to them. Having your customer’s information and getting their feedback gives you the necessary tool to identify how you can keep growing as a brand and what challenges you may need to watch out for.

3. Gather customer preferences through surveys.

To get to know your market better, run surveys to get to know you customer and identify their product preferences. The best way to establish your niche is to get real time feedback on the products and services that they want and need.  This works best on brands specific to retail as coming up with a topnotch brand requires customer responses and reviews. This is a good way to get to know your customer’s demographic so you can ensure your brand can be marketed to your audience.

4. Send monthly newsletters.

Getting your customer’s email and contact information is extremely important as this gives you a way to reach out to them even after transactions are complete. Don’t be afraid to get your brand out there by offering your customer weekly updates on new products, promos and offers. Not only does this allow you to establish a loyal client following, it gives the customers the reassurance that a good relationship has been created even after the sale is done.  Through newsletters and updates, customers are kept up to date with information pertaining to your brand and give you the ability to promote your brand once more.

5. Maximize your social media presence.

Creating a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account gives you the leverage to interact with your customers. This also gives you the chance to keep them updated with the latest products or services that you have to offer. This is the best way to create customer loyalty as customers are able to interact or ask questions- giving them a feel for the brand as an actual person. You can even use Instagram contests to gain traction.

6. Make the most of paid advertisements

Paid advertisements work. This pushes your brand to the top and right in front of your target customers.   From daily, weekly or monthly ads, brands have the opportunity to draw some exposure through clickable links that may draw a customer to a page or a website.

7. Create a knockout website.

What better way to establish your identity and promote your brand than through a smashing website that gives you an edge above your competition. Show you customers who you are and what you stand for. Make sure to always have great content that customers and visitors will actually read. Getting people curious about what you have to offer is a surefire way to drive more traffic to your website as well. So get your brand to stand out even more by investing in a standout website that can serve your brand for many years to come.

8. Use SEO to draw attention to your website.

Search Engine optimization tricks gives your website an added boost to your clients by appearing on top of search engine results. This means that when a customer is looking for a particular product in a specific area, SEO can get your brand to appear on top of website listings before any local competition. This allows you to capture organic traffic looking for products that you are selling.

9. Create discounts and vouchers.

One way to draw attention to your brand is by creating promotional discounts and vouchers for your products. Online discounts and vouchers can easily be attached via email or through website ads which when clicked can take your customer directly to your website. People that frequently shop online are well aware of discounts, and frequently assume that prices are all the same. By deliberately putting small coupons on websites, they will at least see your brand, and at best use a small 2% discount just for the sake of the discount.

10. Link back to your website

The presence of multiple links online that lead back to your website give you a better chance of customer traffic. The good thing about it is pretty easy and many websites, emails and even messages allow you to include links. From sending courtesy emails to your customer with links to your website to sending promotional emails through social media, a starting brand is given the opportunity to build their own online presence through hyperlinks!

Now that we have these 10 tricks to help you improve your brand, start working on having great and quality content to pass around.  Be honest about who you are, how you have what keeps you going. If there’s anything that’s true about online media is that people respond to authenticity. Capitalize on what makes you unique as a brand and what sets you apart from the competition; this is likely going to help you establish a powerful identity that would attract customers and clients to keep coming back.

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Written by: Jay Praitchard, Political Scientist & Commentator.
Jay is a political scientist and policy commentator who spends his time warning people of the growing power of Social Media and the echo-chambers of information they create.

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