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How international students add billions to economy of the US

Brenda Berg

American colleges are an attractive educational aspiration for students worldwide, who are looking to follow their dreams and gain accreditation from an internationally recognized and respected institution. These schools are so sought-after, in fact, that international students are attending them in record numbers and adding billions of dollars to the US economy along the way.

Of course, there is increased spending in the form of living expenses, tuition and other academic-related expenditures. International students generally pay a higher rate of tuition than domestic students, and are more than willing to do so, in order to receive a quality education that is honored and respected across the globe.

But, there are also other areas of industry that are bolstered, including the restaurant industry, retail shops and transportation, among others. Because they have essentially transferred their entire life and relocated themselves in the US, all of their daily needs come along with that. These everyday needs of international students help support a variety of industries, to the tune of more than $30 billion in the 2015-2016 school year alone. That is an incredible amount of additional money brought into this country by international students alone.

Hand in hand with this economic growth is the job creation that is a direct result. Research compiled by the NAFSA shows that, for every seven students coming from abroad, there are approximately three jobs created or kept alive by their spending. International students living in the US need everything from cars to internet services, so they are able to assist in growing and supporting a variety of businesses and jobs that are not directly related to the education they are receiving – not to mention the jobs that are directly a reflection of their schooling, from professors to cleaning and administrative staff.

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Along with this language issue, there’s also the question of properly composing written work in the format and style required by a professor. There are certain styles that are generally requested by educators, including MLA, APA and Chicago. A literary professor explains, “If international students are unaware of the nuances of these writing styles, their grades could be suffering needlessly.” A simple tool, like Cite It In allows those who are unfamiliar with the specifics of a writing style to put together flawless references for their academic papers. All that is required is for them to provide the resource information, and this online tool composes a perfectly formatted reference in their selected style.

The continued increase of international interest in an American education reinforces the notion that investing in a degree at a US college is a sound financial expenditure. US colleges are recognized among the top worldwide, and no matter where in the world you take your skills after you’ve completed your education, your degree from an American college will be well received.

Government funding of higher education dropped to a low in 2012, and has yet to recover to pre-recession numbers. Because of this, colleges have been forced to increase their tuition fees for foreign and domestic students, making it much more expensive for American students to attend college in their own backyard. International student tuition can be as much as three times that of their American classmate, helping to offset costs for American students and keep their rising tuition under control, at least by a portion.

As a whole, international students have helped to contribute billions of dollars annually to the US economy, and have had a direct impact on job creation and industry growth throughout the country. American colleges should continue welcoming these students from abroad in order to bolster their enrollment, profits and credibility. And, the cities and towns that house these colleges should also be inviting to these newcomers, so they can see the economic benefits in their region as well.

But, it’s not just the towns and colleges directly that benefit. The American economy is a well-oiled system that relies on nationwide cooperation and partnerships in order to continue to grow and prosper. Although a company may not be located directly within a college town, it can also reap the benefits of sending its products to that town. More people, inevitably means more things are needed and wanted. Stores will sell more of everything, so more products are required. It’s a wonderfully cyclical arrangement, where everyone involved seems to benefit immensely.

Welcoming these academic enthusiasts from around the world has a great number of benefits for the US people and economy as a whole. And once educated, the challenge of keeping these skilled graduates within the country is the next step. Of course, the entire world can stand to benefit from their academic achievements, and they are able to return to their home country and apply their skills in a job there. But, in educating and training these great minds, there is a hope that some of these best and brightest from across the world will choose to make America their home. As a country built by the most bold and intrepid minds of the past, it goes without saying that we should allow the best of our American-born graduates to work in collaboration with those from around the world to push the nation forward and keep it at the forefront of all areas of industry and development.

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