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The 20 Highest-Paying Tech Jobs In America For 2017

Chief information officer (CIO)

There’s no question that tech professionals are among the most highly-paid employees. But which tech job titles offer the biggest bucks?

And naturally, the 2017 list – a line-up of the 20 highest-paying tech jobs in the United States – has been topped by the CIO and CTO.

Chief information officer (CIO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) salaries range from $170,000 to $285,000, according to a report by Mondo. If you love technology, have great people skills, and want to develop technological and business knowledge, this could be a long-term aspiration for you.

Let’s take a look at this year’s hottest tech jobs that will leave you sitting pretty when it comes to commanding an impressive income.

These are the 20 highest-paying tech jobs in America for 2017:

RankJobSalary Range
1CIO/CTO$170,000 to $285,000
2Demandware Developer$150,000 to $250,000
3Chief Information Security Officer$145,000 to 250,000
4DevOps Lead/Engineer $115,000 to 250,000
5Chief Data Officer$162,000 to 228,000
6Director PMO$125,000 to 225,000
7Data Scientist$130,000 to 210,000
8Data Architect$130,000 to 210,000
9Application Security Engineer$125,000 to 210,000
10Solutions Architect$140,000 to 200,00
11Project Manager$90,000 to 200,000
12Android Developer$90,000 to 200,000
13IOS Developer$90,000 to 200,000
14Network Architect$135,000 to 185,000
15Azure Developer$130,000 to 185,000
16VP, Engineering$125,000 to 185,000
17VP, Application Development$125,000 to 185,000
18Director of eCommerce $125,000 to 185,000
19GoLang Developer$100,000 to 185,000
20Cyber Security Analyst$90,000 to $185,000
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