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7 Popular Twitter Tools For Social Media Experts

In order to tweak your Twitter profile properly for social media efforts, there is a great variety of third-party apps that can incorporate what the main app is lacking. Search through the vast library of Twitter tools can be a difficult task, as a lot of them are inferior and full of ads, so here is a list of some of the best apps used by social media and industry experts.


Buffer is considered a smarter way to tweet, as it enables you to schedule your tweets so that they are spread throughout the day, instead of bombarding your followers with a huge number of tweets an hour. It also helps you get useful analytics on your tweets, so that you can find out what your audience likes and doesn’t like out of your shared content, but also the times of day that your tweets get the most traffic.


SocialOomph is a freemium service which enables you to schedule your tweets, keep track of keywords, extend your profile, and more, with a free and unlimited amount of accounts. You can choose the professional version for $29.97, and get more features such as Facebook scheduling, tweeting via email, managing DM spam, broadcasting DMs to Status.net followers, and much more. For an additional $3.97, you can get automatic following for those who follow you, and sending welcome DMs to your new followers.


TweetDeck is a desktop Twitter management app. It enables you to create columns and organize your Twitter activity. You can send longer messages using their Deck.ly service, which directs followers to the section of your tweet that is beyond 140 characters via a shortened URL. It comes with a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing interface.


Bit.ly is more than a URL shortening service. It has an incorporated dashboard where you can shorten and share links to more than one Twitter account. You also get statistics for the Bit.ly links that you share through the dashboard, and you can plug your Bit.ly API key into Twitterfeed, Seesmic and Tweetdeck to get the statistics for links that you share via these apps as well. Additionaly, you can create your own custom short domain that matches your brand.


Twilert is just like Google Alerts, only for Twitter. Once you have set up your keywords, you will get email alerts for them. Whenever your brand is mentioned on Twitter, Twilert can alert you about it via email, so you can take part in the interaction. Since reputation management is essential to your social media efforts, staying alert and acting quickly is a must.


Paper.li is a great application that enables you to collect your tweets and organize them automatically or manually in a format similar to newspaper-style, that is automatically shared on your Twitter account on a daily basis. It is a great app for collecting top tweets from your followers, people from a particular Twitter list, or anyone that mentions a certain hashtag. It drives quite a bit of traffic to the websites that the users mention, which is great for those that appreciate it.


Triberr is a community that works by invite only. It allows you to join “tribes” which consist of bloggers that have similar interests like yours, so that you can expand your reach on Twitter. All you need to do is plug your RSS feed in, and other “tribe” members will tweet every new post. When you become a member, you are enabled to automatically tweet others’ posts, or do so manually after you have reviewed them.

Take your pick

These are some of the best and most popular Twitter tools that you can find out there. Some of them are free, while others may require you to cash in some money, but will bring you great results if you do so. By incorporating these useful apps, you will greatly improve your social media efforts.

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