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EyeQuant, A Berlin-Based Neuroscience-Meets-Online Marketing Startup Raised €500,000

Berlin-based Neuroscience startup, EyeQuant, that can look at a website and immediately tells clients about users’ eye movements on their page, announced that it had raised €500,000 from investors including Ballpark Ventures and Robin McIlvenny.

EyeQuant, a neuroscience-meets-online marketing spin off of the California Institute of Technology based in Berlin, currently provides data on websites and email — clients have included, Spotify, Nokia, and Barnes & Noble.

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“Big data is great, but what marketers, growth hackers and designers need is quick data,” EyeQuant CEO Fabian Stelzer said. “EyeQuant is proven to be 90 per cent as accurate as a real eye-tracking study, but delivers insights at less than one per cent of the time and cost.”

Clients have included Spotify and Barnes & Noble. In fact, according to Stelzer, the company now has “hundreds of paying clients, from ‘Mom and Pop’ shops to teams within Google and Nokia”. Entry-level pricing is €99 per month.

EyeQuant is a neuromarketing SaaS that instantly predicts where users will look on a screenshot or website within the first few seconds. It delivers over 90% predictive accuracy when compared to traditional eye-tracking at less than 1% of the usual cost and time. What sounds insane is simply neuroscience – EyeQuant is based on over 500 eye-tracking studies and was developed and patented at CalTech, USC and the University of Osnabrueck by three of the world’s most esteemed attention researchers.

EyeQuant is used by thousands of businesses and agencies worldwide to optimise user attention, conversion rates and usability on their websites, including Groupon, Spotify, QUISMA (GroupM), Sixt, Epsilon International, explido and Continental.

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