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Ram Krishna Sinha

Ram Krishna Sinha

Ram Krishna Sinha, is a former General Manager at Bank of India. He served the Bank for over three decades, across key verticals of retail, credit, international, BPR, and Learning & Development. Presently a Board member at Bank of India, he writes extensively on contemporary issues. Mr. Sinha has authored a motivational book “X-Factor @ Workplace” published by Tata McGraw Hill.

Ram Krishna Sinha is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Connect with him through LinkedIn.
Big Picture

Tech or Talent, Both Need to be Guided by Value Frameworks to Create a Better World

With the advent of ChatGPT, we are now entering a new age of learning and thinking. Technologies which have so far been seen as helpful tools for dissemination and accumulation of knowledge are now encroaching into our creative spaces, a space considered exclusive to human domain. ChatGPT (GPT for Generative...
Executive Education

Why & How Business Education Must Teach Business as A Force For Public Good

The global shift towards knowledge-based economies and societies has naturally positioned ‘knowledge’ at the heart of contemporary public policymaking. There are collaborations and partnerships taking shape all around, leading to interactions across multiple sectors like academia, industries, startups, NGOs, and governments at all its three tiers. In this dynamic, collaborative,...
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