Ram Krishna Sinha

Ram Krishna Sinha

Ram Krishna Sinha, is a former General Manager at Bank of India. Presently a Board member, he writes extensively on contemporary issues. An author of the motivational book “X Factor @ Workplace”, Mr. Sinha is an Opinion Columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Follow him on LinkedIn.
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Cultivating CSR as Corporate Virtue

Businesses across the world invest a modest part of their profits in areas such as poverty alleviation, health, sanitation, education, environment and other sustainable development projects, either voluntarily or as part of mandatory compliance, under “Corporate Social Responsibility”. Though the goal is so laudable, yet we see instances of omission...
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CEOs as Corona Warriors!

In the battle against the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we are witness to a whole army of doctors, nurses, para-medical staff, health, and sanitation workers, emerging as warriors. Then there are dedicated police officials, media professionals, NGOs, and individuals who, as frontline heroes, are winning the hearts of people. Post-Corona, performance...
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