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CEO Insider

The Emerging Mobility-as-a-Service Future

COMMERCIAL FREIGHT - Three future models are emerging in commercial freight: Freight brokering enables shippers and carriers to connect on-demand to ship specific loads. Freight brokers add value by acting as a demand/ supply aggregator, creating transparency in load management, and reducing friction for shippers and carriers. Existing players in...
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The Corporate Vitality Index

Today’s leading businesses are facing many near-term challenges in an uncertain economic and political environment. More than ever, though, they also need to focus on the long term, because the keys to success in the next decade will be different from today’s. Business leaders need to reinvent their companies for...
CEO Agenda

Regional Risks For Doing Business

EAST ASIA AND THE PACIFIC :  Environmental risks are the leading concerns for doing business across East Asia and the Pacific, with “natural catastrophes” ranking first and “extreme weather events” ranking fifth. The concerns about “natural catastrophes” were heavily driven by responses from Japan and New Zealand, where they ranked...
CEO Advisory

4 Top Emerging Technologies

Bioplastics for a Circular Economy: In 2014 alone, industry generated 311 million metric tons of plastics, an amount expected to triple by 2050.Yet less than 15% of it is recycled. Biodegradable plastics can ease this problem, contributing to the goal of a “circular” plastic economy in which plastics derive from...
2019 G20 Osaka summit
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Commentary: Osaka G20 Summit 2019

> With the words of Mr. Koji Tomita ( Ambassador, Representative of the Government of Japan for the G20 Summit). > in his publication “On the upcoming Osaka G20 Summit.” > for the Association of Japanese Institutes of Strategic Studies.  Japan has assumed the G20 presidency for the first time...