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Policy Factory™ is a series produced by Think-Tanks'+ ( a Paris-based news agency dedicated to think-tanks ).
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4 Top Emerging Technologies

Bioplastics for a Circular Economy: In 2014 alone, industry generated 311 million metric tons of plastics, an amount expected to triple by 2050.Yet less than 15% of it is recycled. Biodegradable plastics can ease this problem, contributing to the goal of a “circular” plastic economy in which plastics derive from...
2019 G20 Osaka summit
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Commentary: Osaka G20 Summit 2019

> With the words of Mr. Koji Tomita ( Ambassador, Representative of the Government of Japan for the G20 Summit). > in his publication “On the upcoming Osaka G20 Summit.” > for the Association of Japanese Institutes of Strategic Studies.  Japan has assumed the G20 presidency for the first time...