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Adrian Shepherd

Adrian Shepherd

Adrian Shepherd started his career as an ESL teacher in Japan, but today focuses on consulting with individuals and companies on productivity. His background in education helped him develop The One-Bite Time Management System (TMS), a revolutionary new system based entirely around simplicity: small bites that people can digest easily. Adrian Shepherd is based in Osaka, Japan. Adrian is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine.
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CEO Advisory

Henry Ford’s Most Powerful Time Management Secret

Most CEOs have their share of battle scars. They’ve succeeded and they’re failed. I can relate. I’m at an age in my life where I’ve been burned too many times and I no longer want to, nor have the time to waste. That’s why I choose to only do business...
CEO Agenda

Here Are The 6 Ps Of Productivity

Ideas often come when we’re least expecting them. Penicillin was discovered by Sir Alexander when he noticed that a discarded contaminated Petri dish contained a mold that dissolved all the bacteria around it. Wilhelm Roentgen discovered X-rays while was investigating the properties of cathodic ray tunes. Tony Robbins came up...
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