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America’s Most Prominent Business Leaders, 2023

Jeff Bezos

The United States is renowned for its prominent business figures who demonstrate the capacity to inspire and direct others toward collective objectives. These individuals embody exceptional qualities that permit them to make meaningful decisions and considerably influence the business world. Their high net worth and power are present across multiple industries, and they often use their influence to shape the commercial environment and the broader sociopolitical realm.

The United States is home to an astonishing number of billionaires, boasting nearly 735 individuals with a combined net worth of approximately $4.5 trillion. As detailed in the 2023 CEOWORLD magazine’s Report, the U.S. holds a commanding position, representing 30.8 percent of the world’s total wealth. In 2022, the country’s wealth, encompassing assets and liabilities, amounted to an astounding $139.86 trillion.

Among these billionaires, names like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Larry Ellison, Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates stand as iconic figures in the business world, both within the U.S. and on a global scale. You can also read The World’s Most Influential CEOs And Business Executives Of 2023 and The World’s Most Influential Entrepreneurs Today, 2023. According to data from the U.S. Federal Reserve, the top 10 percent of U.S. citizens collectively hold an astonishing $100.59 trillion, contributing significantly to the nation’s overall wealth. These individuals have extensive stakes in various sectors, including real estate, stock markets, and diverse financial assets.

Political Influence and U.S. Business Leaders

Research conducted by CEOWORLD magazine in 2022 uncovered that many Americans agree that CEOs of major companies should promote social, environmental, or political causes. Additionally, a CEOWORLD magazine survey conducted in September 2022 showed that an overwhelming majority of U.S. workers, 56 percent, believe that business leaders should speak out on social and political matters, while only 32 percent thought it best for them to stay within the confines of their businesses. It’s worth noting that the likes of Donald J. Trump and Michael Bloomberg have gone from company to politics, clearly demonstrating the connection between the two.

To determine the influence of these business leaders, we employed a methodology based on net worth, as we hypothesized a strong correlation between net worth and their impact within and beyond their respective industries. Our data was sourced from the Forbes Real Time Billionaires list, focusing on the top US billionaires. Those with the highest net worth were given higher rankings in our list of the 20 most influential business leaders in the US. These individuals not only shape the business landscape but also play a significant role in shaping the future of the country and the world.

  1. Elon Musk
    Total Net Worth: $205 Billion
    Elon Musk is a trailblazing entrepreneur known for his diverse portfolio of companies, including Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA), SpaceX, The Boring Company, and Neuralink. His pivotal role in the electric vehicle, space exploration, and artificial intelligence sectors establishes him as the most influential business leader in the US. Musk’s visionary endeavors continue to shape the future of technology and beyond.
  2. Jeff Bezos
    Total Net Worth: $167 Billion
    Jeff Bezos is the visionary founder of, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN), and he has revolutionized e-commerce and digital services. His ownership of The Washington Post and leadership at Blue Origin further exemplify his influential presence. Jeff Bezos stands as the second most influential business leader in the US.
  3. Larry Ellison
    Total Net Worth: $126 Billion
    Larry Ellison is the co-founder of Oracle Corporation (NYSE: ORCL) and serves as the company’s chief technology officer. He left an indelible mark on the technology sector during his 37-year tenure as CEO. Ranked third on the list, Larry Ellison continues to shape the industry with his innovations.
  4. Warren Buffett
    Total Net Worth: $117 Billion
    Warren Buffett, often hailed as the greatest investor of the 20th century, serves as the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE: BRK-B). His enduring impact on the world of finance solidifies his position as one of the most influential business leaders in the US.
  5. Larry Page
    Total Net Worth: $119 Billion
    Larry Page is the co-founder of Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) and a board member of the company. He holds a prominent position among influential business leaders in the US, ranking fifth on the list. Larry Page has contributed significantly to the tech industry’s innovation and development.
  6. Bill Gates
    Total Net Worth: $130 Billion
    Bill Gates, a co-founder of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT), remains a dominant figure in technology and philanthropy, solidifying his position as one of the most influential business leaders in the US.
  7. Mark Zuckerberg
    Total Net Worth: $119Billion
    Mark Zuckerberg is the founder and CEO of Meta Platforms, Inc. (NASDAQ: META), formerly Facebook. He continues to shape the world of social media and technology as one of the most influential business leaders, ranking seventh on our list.
  8. Sergey Brin
    Total Net Worth: $113 Billion
    Sergey Brin is the co-founder of Google and wields significant influence as a controlling board member at Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG). His contributions to the tech industry secure his place as the 8th most influential business leader in the US.
  9. Steve Ballmer
    Total Net Worth: $127 Billion
    Steve Ballmer, former CEO of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT), presided over a transformative era at the tech giant before his departure in 2014. His ownership of the NBA’s LA Clippers adds to his influence.
  10. Michael Bloomberg
    Total Net Worth: $96.3 Billion
    Michael Bloomberg, co-founder of Bloomberg LP and former Mayor of New York City, has profoundly impacted financial information and media. His influence extends to politics, earning him the 10th spot on our list.
  11. Michael Dell
    Total Net Worth: $67 Billion
    Michael Dell, the founder of Dell Technologies Inc. (NYSE: DELL), has played a pivotal role in the tech industry as its CEO, securing his place among the most influential business leaders in the US.
  12. Jim Walton
    Total Net Worth: $73 Billion
    Jim Walton, the youngest son of Sam Walton, chairs the family’s Arvest Bank and has made significant contributions to Walmart Inc. (NYSE: WMT). His legacy as part of the Walton family cements his influence.
  13. Alice Walton
    Total Net Worth: $71 Billion
    Alice Walton, the daughter of Walmart Inc.’s (NYSE: WMT) founder Sam Walton, has contributed to the arts and cultural landscape by founding the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Her impact extends beyond business.
  14. Charles Koch
    Total Net Worth: $59.7 Billion
    Charles Koch is the chairman and CEO of Koch Industries, the second-largest private company in the US, and has held his position since 1967. His enduring influence in the business world places him 14th on our list.
  15. John Mars
    Total Net Worth: $46.6 Billion
    John Mars, inheriting his family’s business, has overseen Mars, Inc., a conglomerate in candy, food, and pet care. His leadership as chairman has solidified his presence among influential business leaders.
  16. Phil Knight
    Total Net Worth: $41 Billion
    Phil Knight, the founder of NIKE, Inc. (NYSE: NKE), revolutionized the athletic footwear industry during his 52-year tenure, earning the 16th spot on our list of influential business leaders.
  17. Jensen Huang
    Total Net Worth: $43 Billion
    Jensen Huang is the co-founder and CEO of NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA), and he has pioneered advancements in the technology sector, securing his place among influential business leaders.
  18. Ken Griffin
    Total Net Worth: $35.3 Billion
    Ken Griffin, the founder of Citadel Investment Group, LLC, a hedge fund managing assets worth approximately $60 billion, ranks among the foremost influential business leaders in the US. His impact on the financial industry is undeniable.
  19. Stephen Schwarzman
    Total Net Worth: $33.8 Billion
    Stephen Schwarzman, the co-founder, CEO, and chairman of Blackstone Inc. (NYSE: BX), exerts a profound influence in the financial and investment realm, meriting inclusion in our list.
  20. Jim Simons
    Total Net Worth: $27.8 Billion
    Jim Simons, the founder of Renaissance Technologies Corp., remains a pivotal figure in the world of quantitative finance, securing his place as the 20th most influential business leader in the US.

The United States boasts a remarkable cadre of influential business leaders who have left an indelible mark on various industries. From technology to finance, their innovative contributions and leadership have not only amassed substantial wealth but have also significantly shaped the global business landscape. These influential figures continue to drive progress and innovation, leaving a lasting legacy of excellence and impact on both the corporate world and society at large.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Success and Leadership - America’s Most Prominent Business Leaders, 2023
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