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What kind of future can we expect with the development of the immersive technologies?

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It is not easy to stay up-to-date effectively and above all efficient. Some topics have evolved quickly and require for specialised skills. Without knowledge of them, one can’t use them appropriately, yet some of them appear to be entering in some realities’ daily lives with the intention of becoming more and more widespread.

Immersive technologies are the ones that have most caught my interest among these. They are rapidly evolving and have the potential to revolutionise the way how businesses run. 

Immersive technologies are a group of useful technologies that use digital media and interactive interfaces to simulate a real environment or world. By stimulating the human senses, they stimulate specific emotions and produce immersive experiences. With these technologies, people can interact with digital content in a more realistic and immersive manner, providing them with unique perceptual experiences that can give them the impression that they are somewhere else or in an entirely different environment.

One of the most important characteristics is that these technologies give the possibility to expand reality or, in some cases, to create an entirely unique environment that is distinct from the physical one.

In detail, some of the most well-known immersive technologies are the following:

  • Virtual Reality (VR), a digital environment that takes the place of the user’s actual surroundings.
  • Augmented Reality (AR), a live stream of digital content overlaid on the real world.
  • Mixed Reality (MR), an integration of virtual content and the real-world environment that enables interaction between various aspects of both.
  • Holography, the process of generating a 3D image in space that can be viewed from all directions.
  • Digital twins, the virtual replicas of real-world objects that can communicate with them to obtain information and display their current status.

Extended Reality (ER) is the result of the combination of VR, AR, and MR. This technology is what has enabled organisations to advance their skills in a variety of areas, including planning and production, visualisation and modelling, training and education, and others.

Depending on the aim and sector, immersive experiences can help a wide range of organisations. They can be used, for instance, to improve employee knowledge or to give users more immersive shopping experiences.

Several businesses currently use these innovative tools to obtain the best. IKEA and the AR are a very well-known example. Before the purchase of the furniture, users can use this company’s augmented reality app to see how it will look in their homes. There are, however, numerous other examples, such as the Virtual Reality Laboratory that the University of Ulm has set up for students to use after the study of the theory in medicine.

While immersive technologies offer a lot of potential advantages for businesses, there are also some barriers that must be considered. The first one is that some businesses may find the price of these technologies to be unaffordable. The second one is that the technology is still developing and at an early stage. This writes down that there are some restrictions in terms of quality and interactivity of the experiences that can be created.

The path taken seems clear and very compelling. The quality of immersive experiences is expected to significantly increase over the next few years, becoming more sensory-rich, hyper-realistic, and difficult to distinguish from interaction with real-world objects.

These technologies will improve in affordability and usability throughout this evolution. This will increase their appeal to a wider range of businesses and encourage the creation of even more innovative applications.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Agenda - What kind of future can we expect with the development of the immersive technologies?
Riccardo Pandini
Riccardo Pandini is an Academic Tutor at the University of Milano-Bicocca and a writer at the State of Mind, an online journal of psychology, psychotherapy, neuroscience, psychiatry, and various current affairs.

Riccardo Pandini is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Connect with him through LinkedIn.