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Procedure And Requirements To Fulfill While Obtaining Danish Citizenship By Naturalization

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Danish citizenship allures people globally, and why shall it not? It has its obvious benefits, like allowing you to work, live, and study in European countries, your children getting citizenship of Denmark by default, easy access to various free social amenities, easy travel within and outside the country, and many more. Only some people can get easy citizenship in Denmark, and they must undergo a typical procedure if they obtain it by naturalization.


The application procedure for the naturalization process is quite complicated. You may only know some of the requirements. Hence, contact an immigration lawyer to confirm the same and all the related help. Start with paying an application fee of DKK 1,000 and submit the online application, which will be assessed further. You need to clear a citizenship test and furnish them with an examination certificate demonstrating that the applicant is well-updated with Danish history, society, and culture.

Once the application is approved, it will be included in the Parliamentary Bill, introduced only twice a year, i.e., in April and October. The application processing takes 19-21 months, right from the day it is received by the Ministry of Immigration, Integration, and Housing. Once approved, you can finally be entitled as a Danish citizen by naturalization.


Following is a list of requirements you must fulfill to obtain Danish citizenship by naturalization. You must live in Denmark for at least nine years and get a permanent residence permit. Apply at the Danish Immigration Service if you don’t have one. This means you must reside in Denmark and have a registered Danish address in the Central Population Register. Sign a declaration of allegiance and loyalty. You must also state that you adhere to Danish law and respect its values and principles. It is a prerequisite for obtaining Danish citizenship by naturalization.

The declaration must be signed by NemID. One must be debt-free and financially independent for at least two years before the application. This means no financial assistance under any law for the last two years, also not for a total of more than four months over the last five years, and also for four years and six months out of the last five years just before the application is made. Must clear Danish Language Tests. One must showcase their Danish language skills to get Danish citizenship by naturalization.

The applicant must clear all the language tests listed in Appendix 3a and 3b to the Circular on Naturalization. Keep criminal offenses at bay. You won’t be given citizenship by naturalization if you are sentenced to imprisonment for certain specified crimes for certain specified periods. If you have been penalized earlier for some type of criminal offense, you may wait for some time to get Danish citizenship.


There are certain exemptions to the condition of a permanent residence permit, which are as follows:

    • Any Nordic citizen
    • People who used to be Danish citizens
    • People with Danish background or nationality
    • Children who have applied for citizenship without their parents
    • All the members that belong to the Danish ethnic minority of Southern Schleswig
    • Any person who was living abroad due to the work of their Danish spouse in Danish interests
    • Any person born between 1 January 1961 and 31 December 1978 to a Danish mother who could have obtained Danish citizenship if she had declared in that regard during the period between 1 January 1979 and 31 December 1981.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - Procedure And Requirements To Fulfill While Obtaining Danish Citizenship By Naturalization

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