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AI Will Revolutionize Every Business and Every Organization

We live in a world that is very volatile and continuously changing at a fast pace. Those changes have been recently driven by Covid, geopolitics, social strife, AI, social media, greed, climate change, technology, and political instability in much of the world. Volatility can overwhelm people and increase human emotional and cognitive stress which inhibits personal and organizational performance. That volatility just took a huge leap forward with the introduction of the game changing ChatGPT-4. 

We are now in a world where the embracement and management of technology will become a key determining factor in determining business and organizational success, adaptability, and survival. Advancing technology will require every business and every organization to become a Highly Adaptive Learning Organization (“HALO”) being able to learn-unlearn- and relearn at the speed of technological change.

Becoming a HALO requires Highly Adaptive Learners (“HAL) – human beings who can learn – unlearn – and relearn at the pace of technological change. That is not an easy task because our brains are wired for efficiency and are primed to seek confirmation of what we believe, affirmation of our ego, and cohesiveness of our stories of how our world works.  We are predisposed to confirm and affirm, not to continuously adapt and learn. Up to now, that has worked for many of us. ChatGPT-4 changes that.

The power, speed, and ability of ChatGPT-4 to harness massive amounts of data and to quickly create stories about that data will create new opportunities for businesses and organizations to learn faster, to adapt faster, and to create strategic competitive advantages. That will require humans to learn how to ask Chat the right questions and to learn how to continuously stress test the answers that Chat produces. Excellent human critical thinking will be a key differentiator. Just like social media can hijack people’s emotions, ChatGPT-4 can hijack people’s thinking if it is not used properly or if the people using it are not Highly Adaptive Learners.    

As the technology continues to advance, workers will be needed to do the tasks that technology won’t be able to do well. As of today, that comes down to three types of tasks:

  1. Thinking in ways different from smart technology’s way of thinking: higher-order critical thinking; making moral judgments; going into the unknown and figuring things out; creative, imaginative, and innovative thinking; and making decisions in situations where there is lots of uncertainty and not a lot of data.
  2. Excelling at building caring, trusting, positive emotional relationships with other human beings, including teammates, customers, co-workers, patients, and clients, etc.
  3. Excelling at doing trade jobs that require human dexterity and iterative diagnostic definitions of the problem and iterative trial- and-error approaches to solving the problem.

Those three types of tasks are not rote tasks. They are not machine-like tasks. They are higher order human cognitive and emotional tasks. 

The businesses and organizations that have the most Highly Adaptive Learners will be the businesses and organizations that will win! That will require businesses and organizations to create a workplace environment designed to optimize the highest levels of human critical thinking, listening, learning, exploration, innovation, positive emotional intelligence, and collaborative collective intelligence. 

And it will require people to bring their Best Self to work everyday: their best thinking, listening, learning, exploring, collaborating self. To excel daily at those high cognitive and emotional levels will require people to learn how to take ownership of their ego, mind, body, emotions, thinking, listening, learning, and how they relate to others so that they can become Highly Adaptive Learners. That outcome will occur the fastest in businesses and organizations that imbed in the workplace daily human practices and tools designed to achieve those results. 

The organizations that achieve the fastest levels of Highly Adaptive Learning will become the winners in most industries. In many cases, industry consolidation will occur. The race has started thanks to ChatGPT-4. Are you prepared for this race? Is your business or organization prepared for this race?

Written by Edward D. Hess.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Insider - AI Will Revolutionize Every Business and Every Organization
Edward D. Hess
Edward D. Hess, Professor Emeritus of Business Administration, Darden School of Business, is the author of “OWN YOUR WORK JOURNEY! The Path to Meaningful Work and Happiness in the Age of Smart Technology and Radical Change.”

Edward D. Hess is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Connect with him through LinkedIn.