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The Exceptional Fiji Islands – A Lifetime Experience

Fiji is an island state consisting of 522 islets and 322 islands, of which 106 are permanently inhabited. 87% of the total population lives on the two largest islands. The main islands are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Its capital is Suva, located on the southern coast of Viti Levu. Fiji is considered an earthly paradise with natural beauties, tropical beaches, and Pacific scents.

Remember that being a tropical island, it is worth visiting both in winter and summer. Natural beauties beyond tropical beaches are worth seeing in this cluster of Pacific Islands. Today we will travel to the Fiji Islands and give you various ideas about what you can see and do when you visit. I hope the ideas given in this article are enticing enough and you will soon visit Fiji.

The Denarau islet

Denarau is an islet connected by a bridge with the central island of Fiji. This is the most touristic part of Fiji and relatively the most expensive, as it has several multi-star hotels, a yacht marina, and several costly restaurants. The Marina view gives you the feeling of the exotic landscape, as it is located among tall trees and mostly palm trees. In Denarau, you can find anything you want regarding food and clothing because of its cosmopolitan character.

The center of Nadi

Nadi is Fiji’s third-largest urban center and is located on the western side of Viti Levu. It is worth visiting the big market, which has everything you want. Entering the market, you are in front of huge stalls of vegetables and fruits; while continuing below, you can find large stalls with fish farming products.

In Nadi, the local drink, the so-called ”kava,” is worth trying. This is a kind of powder from plants, which is mixed with water, and then filtered from special containers so that only the juice from the plants remains. In Nandi, you will mainly find shops with local products and souvenirs, such as wooden masks and wooden statuettes.

Nature in Fiji

Fiji has about 1600 km of coastline and about as many kilometers of dense forests. Wooden paths will take you to nature’s most beautiful sights, leading you to see green landscapes filled with trees and exotic plants. It is a unique sight that is worth seeing, as you will hear the water running and see huge trees and roots of trees. In fact, in the jungles of Fiji, you will see several trees that have acquired strange shapes on their trunks and branches due to time and weather changes, thus creating an idyllic landscape.

 Besides, the fact that Fiji offers such an idyllic sight while being cut off from the rest of the world makes it an ideal destination. In fact, if you want to discover the natural beauty of Fiji, you should visit Biasevu Falls, the most popular waterfalls in Fiji. The running waters combined with the enchanting landscape created by the trees and plants will excite you.

Suva, the capital of Fiji

Suva is the capital of Fiji. There, development is much greater than in other Fijian islets. There are large commercial food chains, such as Macdonald’s and KFC. In Suva, there are the Museums of the Fiji Islands. You can visit the Historical Museum, where you will learn about the history and Constitution of the islands and the colonization by American forces during the early years. 

After leaving the museum, you can visit the shopping center of Suva. There, you will have the opportunity to find anything, since it includes supermarkets, shops with clothing and footwear, home goods and generally whatever you want. As in Nandi, in Suva, you can find a large market with food, fruits, and vegetables.

The Bird Island

In this destination, you will admire and discover the natural beauty and tropical beaches of this place since they are countless. You will have the chance to walk through palm groves and jungles and swim in the blue waters of the tropical beaches of Fiji. Since you can also do watersports here, you will be able to explore the sea and find beautiful shells and various types of fish at the bottom of the sea.


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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - The Exceptional Fiji Islands – A Lifetime Experience
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