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Valencia: An Ideal City For Tourists And Students

Valencia is built on the side of the Guadalaviar or Turia River, as it is now known. It is designated as the third-largest city in Spain, and with a population of 810,064, it is the capital of the Autonomous Community of Valencia, which includes three provinces: Valencia, Castellon, and Alicante. Catalan (or Valencian) is recognized as an official language along with Spanish.

This beautiful city of Spain is filled every year with students who choose to study at its universities. Also, it is a very popular destination among young people for the Erasmus program, an exchange program for University students. Valencia is known for its vibrant student world and the fun it offers.

The unique buildings will captivate you

The particularly imposing and modern architectural creation of Santiago Calatrava and Felix Candela has enchanted every visitor. The complex includes six futuristic buildings, which exhibit different content but offer valuable knowledge.

The Oceanografic, the largest aquarium in Europe, is impressive. The aquarium is home to nearly 500 different species of marine life, representing the most important marine ecosystems on the planet. In order to have a look at everything, you need a few hours. In the center of the Oceanographic, the underground restaurant of the building is projected with its majestic roof. If this is not the ideal place to eat in Valencia, then which one is?

The Hemisferic, also known as the “eye of the city,” is also worth mentioning. It was the first building to be completed opening its doors in 1998. It consists of a three-dimensional IMAX cinema as well as a planetarium.

A visit to the Central Market of Valencia (El Mercado Central) is a Must

When planning to stay in a foreign country for a long time, it is essential to try its cuisine, especially its traditional products. The Central Market is there to help you. The market in Valencia is housed in a Modern, Art-nouveau aesthetic building that contains the flavors and aromas of the entire Mediterranean.

Countless colors emerge from the stalls. There you will find fresh local products, delicious and of very good quality. The variety is wide, from fruits and vegetables to meat and fish. The Central Market in Valencia is considered one of the largest in Europe. It is a literal journey of sensations and a special gastronomic experience.

The story of the Gardens of Turia (Jardins del Turia)

The catastrophic flood of 1957 forced the government, in collaboration with the mayor of Valencia, to alter the course of the Turia River in the South in order to avoid future disasters. As a result, an empty space was left. The citizens demanded that instead of the plan to create a new road, a green space should be created. That is why we now thank them for giving us the gardens of Turia. Overlooking the city of Arts and Sciences stretches this green garden that is the largest urban park in Spain. The park includes many sports facilities, such as football, baseball, and rugby fields. It also has a mini-golf course and a skate park.

The extent of the garden makes it the ideal place for mini excursions and walks. Of course, there is also provision for children. In the park, there are safe playgrounds and plenty of space to play. Couples, on the other hand, have many romantic and quiet corners to choose from and spend their time in privacy. You can grab your book or have a picnic filled with local delicacies and enjoy a sunny day in the park.

Enjoy Spain’s vibrant nightlife

Valencia’s nightlife is quite rich. As Spain is one of the hottest countries in Europe, the party unfolds throughout the year. Fun fact: before Ibiza, Valencia ranked first among Spain’s best nightlife places. In the area of Barrio del Carmen, there are countless bars, clubs, and discos. In summer, the terraces and sidewalks outside the shops host overnight parties and are flooded with students and locals.

The ideal city for a fun Erasmus experience

In general, the Erasmus experience is unique. Especially the experience of Erasmus in Valencia will be unforgettable. With only an hour and a half by train from Madrid and three and a half from Barcelona, it is very easy to visit the two largest cities in Spain. With a little more hassle, you can travel and get to know the whole country. In addition, you will meet pleasant and friendly people, but you will also acquire friends who will ”sweeten” your stay there.


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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - Valencia: An Ideal City For Tourists And Students
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