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12% of U.S. Households Have A Net Worth of $1 Million. Do You Want To Join Them?  Here’s How. Twenty years ago, I took the plunge to be an entrepreneur, starting my first company.  It ended up being one of the best business decisions in my life.  I explain why below....
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Leading a Diverse Sales Team

Leading and coaching a diverse sales team can be both challenging and rewarding. A diverse team brings different perspectives and approaches to problem-solving, which can lead to increased creativity and innovation in the sales process. However, managing a team of individuals with different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences can also present...
Mark Stiving, Ph.D.
Big Picture

Should You Raise Prices Now?

Inflation is taking a big bite out of your margins.  You want to raise prices, but there’s internal and external pressure to hold them steady.  What should you do?  For most companies, the best answer is to raise prices now.  Maybe a subset of products; maybe carefully executed, but the...
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