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The benefits of increasing creativity within your organization

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Often, as CEOs, we strive to positively motivate our teams while still trying to handle day-to-day operations.  Trying to balance everything may be daunting from time to time, but it is very critical to your organization’s success to positively encourage a creative environment for your teams. Establishing a creative environment will enable your team to be more effective while ensuring that relevant team members are included. This will increase creativity in the workplace, which will take time. Below are some tips that you should consider while implementing a creative environment in the workplace.

The first tip is to reduce paid input from other creative consultants.  If you focus and look within your teams for which characteristics are required that you are seeking will greatly benefit you in multiple ways.  Once you dive into your teams and identify team members to work on special projects will elevate them within the organization, enable them to feel appreciated and feel important while working on the special project. They will also learn about the other team members’ skills that they do not work with daily. People like to feel as though they belong.  By looking from within the organization, will cultivate the right connections from within and foster the attitude of feeling that your team members belong.  Finally, by keeping the team internally, you are creating a value add within your organization in which you did not have to go outside of the company to obtain with other service providers.

The second tip is to acknowledge that the best ideas come from different team members with multiple backgrounds who are not afraid to challenge each other while learning about each other in the process.  This is so important because during this time judgements will not occur as it is not accepted in the corporate environment. Ultimately, the team will feel safe and ready to push forward in the most creative ways due to feeling safe and appreciated. 

The third tip is to create a safe and trusting environment.  If your teams feel as though they can operate in a safe environment and feel the trust that you have personally chosen them to work on special projects, they will be inclined to stay with the organization.  Team members that are encouraged to utilize their personal creative skills while in the workplace will only make them more loyal and attracted to the success of the overall organization.  Many people are excited to share important projects that they are working on with their colleagues, friends, and friends.  Special projects provide a purpose for your teams.

The fourth tip is to create an environment that is stress free and friendly while utilizing creativity. Team members that can work in a stress-free and friendly environment will increase productivity and loyalty to the organization. Encouraging creativity in the workplace essentially will enable employees feel they have agency and can propose new ideas that, if taken on board, could in some way shape the company and its products and services. 

Utilizing creativity within the workplace can be playful because it is an act of exploration of getting a result. Showing your teams that you embrace experimentation and the utilization of creativity in the workplace will enable the team members to have “skin in the game” and will feel honored and proud to participate in the process. Creativity assists in the self-development of your teams, encourages fresh approaches, and shares ownership on the special projects.

Written by Christina DiArcangelo.
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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - The benefits of increasing creativity within your organization
Christina DiArcangelo
An entrepreneur and CEO with more than two decades of experience in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and medical device industries, Christina DiArcangelo’s dedication to revolutionizing patient care is unprecedented. Through her roles as CEO, Spectral Analytics Precision Tele-Monitoring, Affinity Bio Partners, Board President and CEO of Affinity Patient Advocacy, Christina has been involved with revolutionary projects and global clinical studies that positively impact patients.

Christina was a participant and winner in Season 2 of the “Four Days to Save the World” TV Series that will be released on Earth Day 2022. As a clinical research pioneer, contracts negotiator, and business owner, she has utilized the tools at her disposal to champion patient care and provide best-in-class patient advocacy services. For Christina, patient care comes first.

Christina DiArcangelo is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow her on LinkedIn. For more information, visit the author’s website.