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The 90s Style And How It Comes Back

The 90s still affect all artistic aspects, from music and fashion to decoration. Some are excited, anticipating the return of some trends from childhood and teenage years. Others prefer to forget about the hustle and bustle of the decade and leave it behind forever. We cannot deny, however, that, in general, the design trends of the 90s had quite exciting elements. Especially for the generations born and raised in those days, the return to these times fills them with a sweet sense of nostalgia.
As in fashion, so in decoration, the trends of the decades ”recycle.” Things that have been forgotten for a while will make a comeback and return eventually. We see that more and more homes are beginning to incorporate previously overlooked elements in their current, modern environment.
In addition, the increasing interest in vintage pieces, the second-hand, and thrift shopping movement is increasing the demand for styles of previous decades. We thus create an environment shaped by pieces of many dates in each house.

  • Colorful walls
    Walls in various colors and designs return dynamically, leaving behind beige and white. Wallpaper and painting techniques with a sponge or stencil often replace monochrome walls.
  • Pastel shades
    In addition to the millennial pink that has definitely returned, we see a lot of mint green, lilac, and pale blue. In monochromatic or polychromatic combinations, these colors are used for walls and other decor elements. They look lovely on large surfaces because they are not tiring for the eye.
  • Emerald green
    It is often found along with gold and bronze elements but also with dark wood. The combination is truly magical.
  • Primary colors
    Red, yellow, and blue were the primary colors of the decade. Nowadays, we see more of these colors as part of the design of many interiors.
  • Brown color
    The houses of the ’90s were flooded with this color. However, brown returned to be designed in more modern combinations.
  • Patterns
    Colorful patterns combined with patterns of different colors, maybe something we want to forget from the 90s. However, this idea has returned today more simply and minimally.
  • Wooden cabinets
    Most of us avoided them for a long time because they looked outdated. But the all-white kitchens are no longer in fashion, and the wooden element is returning dynamically. Combined with other colors and textures, a very fashionable effect is achieved. It also gives the feeling of being close to nature and farms.
  • Blonde wood
    This is a simple style. The blond wood on the house floor creates an airy and open environment.
  • Wicker and rattan
    The natural rattan material and its wicker braiding come back after a long time. We often meet them in garden furniture. They give an elegant and vintage feel.
  • Boho figures
    Bohemian decorations, such as braided curtains on doors, beaded or without beads, and braided wall decorations with fringes, are an earthy addition to the home.
  • Beds with canopy
    In the 90s, they were overloaded and excessive. However, they returned to fashion frugal and minimal. Soft white fabrics surround the bed and provide a dreamy serenity.
  • Decorative signs
    Neon signs and humorous or decorative symbols existed in several interiors with ’90s decor. Many of them have been revived nowadays, such as neon signs.
  • Farm notes
    Ruffles, flowers, and gingham patterns have been hallmarks of the decade. In much more minimalist rhythms, they begin to be embodied in modern decor.
  • Combining several different dating and styles
    Today, just like in the 90’s decoration, the design combines elements from many eras and many movements. We lately come up with elements of minimalism, zen design, and an accumulation of antiques and styles from many cultures. We see this mindset of combining contrasting elements in an environment, being brought back and carried out successfully, creating unique interiors.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - The 90s Style And How It Comes Back
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