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Top 10 Useless Products Ever

Have you ever used a technology gadget and said, “oh, what’s this? It’s totally useless”, and regretted paying money in order to buy it? While reading this article, you may find yourself in the above position. The items presented below may prove to be the most useless of all time.

  1. Shoe umbrella
    You may think, “oh, what a useful gadget.”However, is it useful or is it a kind of trouble walking with an umbrella on your shoes? Bobby Cole is the “father” of this idea that made it happen. He could no longer stand his wife telling him that her feet get wet and muddy when it rains.

  2. Revolving ice cream cone
    Would you like to make the ice cream consumption even more pleasant? Richard Hartman had the idea of manufacturing an ice cream cone that would turn around with the help of a mechanism. The motorized cone can “host” scoops and a crunchy biscuit cone and turn it around easily.

  3. Remote headband
    You can keep all your remote controls on your head so as not to search for them in the house all the time. For sure, it is not easy strolling into the house with a headband full of remote controls.

  4. Cordless jump rope
    You can purchase one online. There are plenty of choices in e-shops in the search that we made. Is skipping without a rope as effective as skipping with a rope?

  5. DVD rewinder
    This gadget is a fast way to rewind your DVDs if you don’t have much time. It is sold online in green and black color. This machinery rewinds all types of discs and needs batteries to function.

  6. I Am Rich
    It was an app for iOS mobile phones. The inspiration for this app belongs to Armin Heinrich. When someone switches on their mobile phone, a red stone emerges, and a picture with the following mantra: I am rich, I deserve it, I am good, healthy, and successful. The price of the app was almost 1000 dollars. Unfortunately, soon after its debut, it was withdrawn without Apple Inc. explaining the reason.

  7. Goldfish walker
    If you have a dog or a cat, it’s easy to go for a walk with them. But if you have a goldfish and you want to go for a walk with it, how can this be achieved? The solution came from Mick Madden, who constructed a goldfish walker to take two goldfish with him daily.

  8. Noodle fan
    This gadget promises to steadily cool your noodles in order to enjoy your favorite meal as soon as it is cooked without waiting for even a second. If you are a noodle lover, perhaps you will find this item useful. You put it on your stick, and it does all the hard work for you.

  9. Barefoot shoes
    They say that walking barefoot is good for our health. This kind of shoe lacks a bottom. No one can understand it easily unless you see that the person who wears them has his foot bare. The question is whether you would try such kind of shoes.

  10. Ipotty
    As you can understand from its name, it is a child’s potty training with a specific space for an iPad to keep the children occupied when they go to the toilet. The thing is that the children get used to technology gadgets and can’t do without them even when they go to the toilet.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Success and Leadership - Top 10 Useless Products Ever

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