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Venture Studios and The Healthcare Start-Up Industry: A Match Made in Heaven


The healthcare industry is ripe for innovation, and start-ups are leading the way in developing innovative solutions to meet the needs of patients and providers alike. However, starting a healthcare start-up can be daunting, requiring a unique combination of technical expertise, clinical knowledge, and regulatory compliance. And in today’s climate, raising money and keeping your endeavor alive seems nearly impossible. 

And yet, this is where venture studios can come in by providing a valuable resource for healthcare entrepreneurs looking to get their ideas off the ground and into the marketplace. 

What Are Venture Studios?

Venture studios are companies that create and launch multiple start-ups, often in a specific industry, niche, or vertical. They typically provide a range of services to their portfolio companies, including ideation, prototyping, funding, and mentorship. They also offer founders and start-ups supportive services like HR, legal, marketing, technology, and many others. 

A venture studio aims to accelerate a start-up’s growth and success by leveraging shared resources and expertise from industry experts who have successfully built companies. By creating repeatable and scalable systems, venture studios can offer a unique way to streamline company creation to allow founders an opportunity to develop and scale their start-ups in the most efficient ways possible. 

And according to the GSSN white papers, companies funded by top-tier venture studios are more likely to see an exit (34%) than the average Series D investment (27%). 

The Healthcare Start-Up Industry Must Continue To Evolve

The healthcare industry is one of the world’s largest and most complex sectors, with a massive range of stakeholders, from patients and providers to payers and regulators. And from the outside looking in, it feels like an endless spider web of problems that will never unravel because of how convoluted it has become. Yet, it is also an industry with significant opportunities for innovation, as new technologies and approaches can significantly improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and streamline operations.

However, many have found that starting a healthcare start-up can be challenging, requiring specialized knowledge and expertise. Entrepreneurs in this industry must navigate a range of regulatory frameworks, from HIPAA compliance to FDA approvals, on top of understanding how to build a viable and sustainable business. Additionally, they must understand patients’ and providers’ needs and pain points, which can vary widely depending on the specific healthcare subsector.

Venture Studios + Healthcare Start-Ups = A Recipe For Success

Venture studios can play a valuable role in supporting healthcare start-ups. Why? By bringing together a team of experienced professionals with specialized backgrounds and expertise, they can help entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of starting a company in the healthcare space. 

This added support can include everything from identifying unmet needs in the market to building a prototype to securing funding and scaling the business. Sadly, many start-ups have come and gone in the healthcare industry that failed to meet customer and patient expectations, leaving a gaping hole in the space. 

One of the key benefits of working with a venture studio in the healthcare industry is access to a network of industry experts. These experts can provide invaluable insights into the regulatory environment, the needs of patients and providers, and the latest technologies and trends. They can help healthcare start-ups stay ahead of the curve and develop innovative solutions that meet the market’s needs. Experts with experience in the healthcare industry can also provide knowledge and insights into future trends and support founders by sharing previous mistakes and lessons learned in the space. 

Venture studios can also provide essential resources and support services to their portfolio companies, which can include everything from legal and accounting services to marketing and PR support. While most venture studios serve as the primary financiers to early-stage projects, many also provide later-stage investments into their portfolio companies to provide a longer runway for development and scaling. By leveraging shared resources and expertise, start-ups can reduce costs, accelerate growth, and increase the chances of success.

The Venture Studio Model Can Streamline Healthcare Start-Up Industry

The healthcare industry is a challenging but rewarding sector for entrepreneurs. And since the industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of 23.7% and cross $1.3 trillion by 2030, the opportunities to innovate are vast. 

By working with a venture studio, healthcare start-ups can gain access to the expertise and resources they need to succeed. From ideation and prototyping to funding and scaling, venture studios can provide a range of valuable services to healthcare entrepreneurs, helping them navigate the complex landscape of the healthcare industry and develop innovative solutions that improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. By combining the right people with proven systems and processes, venture studios can accelerate the growth of healthcare start-ups. 

Even in a down economy, the people will always matter more than the project, and as Paul Graham elegantly wrote in an article in 2008 in the heart of the financial crisis, “the time to act is always now.”

Written by Dr. Erik Reis.
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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Agenda - Venture Studios and The Healthcare Start-Up Industry: A Match Made in Heaven
Dr. Erik Reis
Dr. Erik Reis is the co-founder and Director of Health and Wellness of Nobody Studios, a rebel venture studio focused on the radical ideation, innovation, and creation of people-first start-up companies. He's spent the last decade of his career studying, treating, and consulting individuals on maximizing their bodies, brains, and in turn, their businesses. From the clinic to the board room, he's leveraged his deep understanding of neuroscience and behavioral psychology to help entrepreneurs maximize their businesses' impact and growth to success. He believes the brain is limitless, which is why his efforts at Nobody Studios are focused on maximizing human potential and improving access to global healthcare by creating innovative start-ups that combine technology, individualized medicine, and cutting-edge neuroscience.

Dr. Erik Reis is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Connect with him through LinkedIn.