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All The Principles Of Bohemian Style For a Lovely Home

The bohemian trend in decorating interiors has appeared again in recent years and has come here to stay. Apart from creating an earthy and natural atmosphere, it reminds us of summer and always adds warmth to the space. Combining textures, handmade, raw, and colored materials, and eclecticism contribute to a lively atmosphere. With boho decor, the area automatically becomes comfortable, accessible, and relaxing. Typically, these places are pretty artistic and original. Whether you want to create an extreme bohemian look by combining patterns, colors, and textures or keep a leaner space by adding boho elements, the following ideas will help you shape your house with a Boho atmosphere in decoration.

  1. Multicultural climate
    The boho culture celebrates the wandering of artists. It is the ideal design to add souvenirs and decorations from all over the world. ”Marrying” different cultures creates an original, ethnic beauty.
  2. Art integration
    As mentioned above, art and culture are vital to achieving the bohemian home. Pieces of art, books, sculptures, musical instruments, and anything that fills people’s hearts can be incorporated as decorative in the chic environment.
  3. Vintage and handmade pieces
    The modern boho space combines new pieces with old ones. This is why it gives a completely unique visual effect. Depending on the owner’s personality, it does not follow the trends but can incorporate them into its design. However, the main element that makes it unique is the vintage furniture or decorations from various dates that give the old charm we are looking for. In addition, handmade pieces that are usually rich in textures remove any mainstream note from the Boho style.
  4. Many different textures
    According to the Bohemian, more is more. The combination of different textures and materials is essential for this design. Carpets, wooden details, natural materials, books, pieces of art, and baskets are some of the elements that we can add to create the desired contrast we are looking for.
  5. Patterns
    Of course, we must consider some combination that visually fits and does not create an unwanted fuss. Various objects with different motifs, in color combinations that suit our environment can provide the modern Boho decoration we expect.
  6. Natural and rural style
    In general, we want it to be reminiscent of hippie influence. Raw natural materials, textured wall decor, macrame, and rattan, lead to a Boho chic look. Of course, we can combine them with metal, glass, and other materials. It is advisable to avoid plastic because it does not match the environment we want to create.
  7. Carpets
    Boho, vintage Persian carpets with patterns and colors are an ideal choice. We easily create a positive mood by adding many different carpets, with different designs and textures, in the same place.
  8. Plants
    The more, the better. Plants add a disheveled element, which is a focus of this particular design. Even with a few plants, the space is transformed.
  9. Low seats
    Cushions and generally low seats and blankets should be in the space. The whole point is the relaxation and the serene, bohemian mood.
  10. No dark colors
    It is better to avoid black or any other very dark shade on a large scale because it destroys the feeling of calmness. We prefer light, natural wood, brightly colored surfaces, and, of course, earthy shades.
  11. Intense color
    A very characteristic element in many interiors with Boho decoration is to have a piece of furniture or a surface painted in a very intense, cheerful color. Usually, it is the benchmark of the space.
  12. Different lighting sources
    In order to attribute the bohemian atmosphere that we seek, it is good to have many light sources with low light. We can combine, for example, vintage chandeliers together with rows of lamps and candles.
  13. Objects with sentimental value
    It is essential to decorate our home with objects that we love and that have sentimental value to us. Pieces that tell a story and awaken memories or give us joy. We aim not to randomly fill the house with things we buy that do not reflect our inner world.
  14. Aroma
    No place is complete without its sweet aroma, especially in the bohemian atmosphere. We can flood the space with our favorite fragrances with candles or essential oils and diffusers.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - All The Principles Of Bohemian Style For a Lovely Home
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