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MSM Performance Academy’s Coach Leo Goldman is Helping Transform Youth Sports with His Development Programs and the New Jordan Year Challenge

Leo Goldman

The American Dream has changed over the years, but what it represents has not. The true American Dream represents hope; sometimes, it is all anyone needs to thrive, regardless of their situation or circumstance. Many people hold firmly to the belief that they can come to this country with nothing to their name and through hard work achieve anything they set their minds to.

Only someone who lacks ambition will be skeptical of the power of chasing a dream. Some people have chased their dreams through multiple countries with nothing but one suitcase each, trying to make it to the United States, people like the family of Leo Goldman. Goldman, known now as Coach Leo, eventually found himself chasing his own dream, once again traveling through multiple countries to make it a reality, and it was that pursuit towards something greater that led him to MSM Performance Academy.

Now, Coach Leo is not only living his dream, he is dedicating his time, effort, and knowledge to helping others achieve theirs through his work at MSM.

Looking Back

Goldman met MSM founder Lucas Zeiler before MSM was a reality, when he and Zeiler just happened to be working at the same gym and Goldman started to train him. They built a relationship, and, as they say, the rest is history.

Zeiler told Goldman about his MSM Performance Academy business, something he had initially started while in college but put on the back burner until it was the right time. It started on Facebook and was already doing well within the first two months, and this started to catch Goldman’s attention. After asking Zeiler more about his business, he realized that it was a great venture and Zeiler was onto something special.

Goldman was still working at the gym and he started trying to get the management to see the same potential in Zeiler that he saw. The gym wasn’t receptive to bringing him in, so Goldman started to meet with Zeiler privately and work with some of his athletes, helping them with their workouts.

At this point, Zeiler’s family expanded and they decided to move out of state. With the move and the pandemic that hit shortly after, Zeiler and Goldman weren’t in contact like they were before. As Goldman started to fear for his livelihood, fate stepped in and brought the two back together. They began an online program that eventually evolved into what MSM Performance Academy is today.

Now that they were officially working together, Zeiler began to teach Goldman about visualization, and they started to brainstorm about ways they could push the business over the edge and make it greater. Goldman read the book The E-Myth, which is all about how a great business isn’t solely reliant upon one person or one type of person, but that there are actually three different roles that are necessary for success. This book changed his perspective completely.

With Zeiler and Goldman filling two roles, they needed one more person to round them out, and this ended up being Kal Maadi, Co-CEO of MSM. Goldman was skeptical at first of how a 22-year-old would be able to handle the responsibility of his title, but he quickly proved Goldman wrong, and now, together, they lead the academy.

Looking Ahead

At MSM, Goldman helps coach the kids week to week, earning him the title of Coach Leo. At MSM, Zeiler covers the mental side of the athlete’s training, which allows them to maximize their training time with Coach Leo. They believe it is essential that mental training comes first, as it has been proven to get better results. Accountability and productivity has improved by 95% since they started prioritizing mental health.

While they are successful and expanding now, it took years of trial and error before this happened. MSM has a very progressive format for new training camps that are built around an online coaching program. Coach Leo will coach his players from this online setting, but what makes it so progressive is the online queuing he also does.

“Over 30 kids send me videos of them doing their workouts for the week and then I queue them live, offering them tips and advice throughout their workouts and sending them feedback videos,” he said. “I monitor their movement, their posture, and where weaknesses lie in the body. This helps them progress in ways simply coaching online wouldn’t.”

Coach Leo prioritizes long-term planning, and that starts with changing the mentality of social media culture workouts. Rather than training for aesthetics and selling courses and services, Coach Leo is teaching kids training for long-term development in the MSM program. The future of MSM is looking bright, with in-person camps in the works and their new initiative that is offering a mentality-changing challenge, The Jordan Year Challenge.

The Jordan Year Challenge

Training and development take years for athletes. Access to Coach Leo’s new age development is a premium service usually only provided in the academy, however, for the Jordan Year Challenge, a week-long program provided by MSM for only $23, he will be helping teach participating athletes the right progression models to help obtain peak performance. This includes providing resources on nutritional guidance and injury prevention and recovery.

Assessments, a nutrition guide, a mobility program, live speaking on how to take an athlete from zero to 100, and live teaching are all included in the Jordan Year Challenge. 

About MSM Academy

MSM Performance Academy, founded by Lucas Zeiler, and led by CEO Kal Maadi helps families guide their children to reach College and Professional levels in the best way possible; teaching them the fundamentals to maintain sound minds and bodies, while performing optimally, both physically and mentally. The goal for MSM is to offer mental and physical performance training and empower youth sports athletes, student-athletes, and professional athletes to become leaders of themselves. Through The MSM Foundation, the academy teaches players how to reach optimal levels of mental and physical performance. For more information, please visit

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Executive Insider - MSM Performance Academy’s Coach Leo Goldman is Helping Transform Youth Sports with His Development Programs and the New Jordan Year Challenge

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