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One-Man Shows and Pop Culture

Superstars are not created in the blink of an eye. While the world of TV is attractive, it is crucial to realize that there is a whole industry behind each star that appears on camera. A group of marketers, professionals, or even politicians puts its efforts into making a particular person famous and well-known.
When it comes to art, the way people perceive it has changed significantly. Some decades ago, when there was no internet or airplanes, people got stuck in the place they were born. Having poor means to sustain their lives, they had to make a decent living out of nothing and also find the time to have fun. In most places around the world, the native population developed some folk music that they used to play whenever they gathered to celebrate or spend their time together. Blues is a perfect example of that. The music was created by simple people who were not famous or highly accepted members of society. Still, their creations were magnificent and are embraced today by thousands of people who respect this music. Similar phenomena occurred in other places of the world.
Now, let us take a step forward and see what happens now. Today music is created in the studios by a group of educated professionals. It does not carry the inspiration of past years. It is more of a technical job than a form of art. This is what separates it from creations of the old times. Logic and strategy are far more present than emotions and feelings in this work. Imagination gives its place to organizing, and the game is lost somewhere there. The feeling that is at the center of attention is pride, while in old creations, love is what it is all about.
Care to see some proof of all that? Take a look at the choreographies in most video clips of pop songs. The idea is usually the same. There is a group of people dancing to the rhythm of the song. The group forms a pyramid shape, and the singer is placed in the front. At the same time, singers today are very important for the song itself. Pop songs are based on the vocals of the lead voice. The instruments that play in the song are less important. However, the singer is the person on whom the whole song is based. Pop music creates idols. Therefore the whole structure of the song and the choreography is shaped to help the singer stand out. The environment is built so that the performer can show their multiple talents. It seems as if it has to be a one-man show. The singers are not just supposed to sing well. They have to dance well and also have a nice appearance. The industry is looking for people who can be presented as heroes. This model fits perfectly in a society that promotes individualism. The idea that is presented to be the answer to all problems is to succeed, stand out, and become the best as long as this is achievable. No real attention is given to the power of being united and what cooperation can achieve.
Another crucial difference is the purpose of the music. Now, let’s move back to the example of the Blues. People created this music because they were trying to find a way to express themselves. Today, music is created to make hits. It is vital that creators do not care about how they feel but are more interested in other people’s opinions. Apart from the fact that this is the way to make money, the issue goes far beyond that. Other people’s opinion generally counts much more today than in the past. This is because we receive their opinion as a reflection of who we are. The reason is that we do not have a solid understanding of our identity. This is why our reflection on other people’s opinions determines our idea about ourselves. Screens have played a major role in that. Reality is deformed in the mirror that reflects it, and in the end, nothing is authentic and genuine.


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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Special Reports - One-Man Shows and Pop Culture
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