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Organ Donation – a Life Choice

Becoming an organ donor is a decision someone has to take regarding what will happen after they pass away. It is quite an interesting idea if you think about it. What is more appealing about it is that recipients and organ donors do not have to be an exact match. Unfortunately, the idea pops into our heads when we become old and think about what’s going to happen next. The truth is that no one knows when this time will come, and it is very crucial for the human community to have organs of people who are young and healthy. It sounds scary, but someone may die due to an accident or a reason they never imagined. Having decided to donate their organs upfront is essential if they want to save others. It is like deciding what will happen with your personal belongings after death. It may be rough, but it is necessary.

  1. It is a way to reduce the illegal organ trade
    Another sad social phenomenon is organ trading. You may be shocked to learn that in some countries where there is extreme poverty, women get pregnant to give birth to children that they will later sell. This practice is so common that women who are in need and cannot find the means to survive get themselves into the procedure of delivering babies to the world to reassure they will find the money. Illegal organ trade is a fact, and it is based on the fact that transplants save lives. Can you imagine what would happen if society had the maturity to contribute to such a vital issue?
  2. The scientific community will appreciate it
    It is not necessary that organs will be given to another human being. Perhaps there is not someone in need of the particular organs, or they do not have a good match with the donated organs. In these cases, the organs can be given for medical research. Scientists can have the luxury of observing human organs without hurting a human. It sounds simple, but if you think about it, it was not long ago when people were sacrificed for medical experiments. During World War II, this was a common phenomenon. As times have changed and humanity has evolved, such a practice has been illegal. At the same time, if we want to help science provide valuable knowledge to society, we must help in some way. The research may help people of the next generations. According to scientists, this contribution is more significant than a simple transplant that would save a person’s life.
  3. If saving lives is not a strong argument, then what is?
    A sense of contribution to society is so important to live a fulfilling life when you are alive. Knowing that what happens after death is comforting is a way to live in peace. Have you also thought of the fact that, at least in a symbolic way, the donator keeps on living? Besides, the family will be much more peaceful knowing that their relative’s organs ”live” in another person’s body. You also have to remember that it is not only one life that your organs can save; it is many lives. Multiple organs can be transplanted to different recipients as long as the organs are in good condition. As mentioned above, reducing organ trading and helping medical research saves even more lives. The last thing that perhaps you haven’t thought about is that your organs may be given to someone you already know and love. If you knew that you saved the life of a beloved person, wouldn’t that be a strong argument to help move on with this decision?
  4. It doesn’t come with a cost
    We have mentioned a few reasons why making that choice is good. One of the things we haven’t mentioned is the cons of this decision. Perhaps, an argument for why we should all agree to our organ donation is that there is simply nothing wrong coming out of it. So the simple question arises: Why not?

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Special Reports - Organ Donation – a Life Choice
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